Fifteen Singles

Did you know that the Padres once broke double digits in runs without the benefit of an extra-base hit? Yep, it happened against the Atlanta Braves at the Murph on September 20, 1985 (box score).

Garry Templeton went 4-for-4 out of the leadoff spot, scoring four runs and driving in two. Tony Gwynn added three hits and drove in four runs, as the Padres cruised to an 11-1 victory on the strength of 15 singles and 6 walks.

Right-hander LaMarr Hoyt spun five shutout innings to win his 15th game of the season. Southpaw Gene Walter worked the final four to pick up his third save.

The Padres held a 2-0 lead headed into the fourth inning. In the words of Brad Nowell, that’s when things got out of control. With Steve Bedrosian pitching, here’s how the fourth unfolded for the home team:

  • Steve Garvey walked.
  • Kevin McReynolds singled, Garvey to second.
  • Tim Flannery singled, Garvey scored, McReynolds to second.
  • LaMarr Hoyt sacrificed to third, McReynolds to third, Flannery to second.
  • Garry Templeton singled, McReynolds scored, Flannery to third.
  • Steve Shields relieved Steve Bedrosian.
  • Jerry Royster walked, Templeton to second.
  • Tony Gwynn singled, Flannery scored, Templeton scored, Royster to third, Royster scored, Gwynn to second on error by third baseman Ken Oberkfell.
  • Gwynn to third on wild pitch by Shields.
  • Terry Kennedy grounded to third.
  • Carmelo Martinez walked.
  • Garvey singled, Gwynn scored, Martinez to third.
  • McReynolds safe at first on error by catcher Larry Owen, Martinez scored, Garvey to third.
  • Flannery struck out.

Death by paper cuts.

The Padres added two more in the fifth to make the score 11-0. Atlanta broke the shutout with two out in the ninth courtesy of back-to-back errors by Mario Ramirez, who had replaced Templeton at shortstop a few innings earlier.

A Friday night crowd of 12,758 witnessed the event, which kicked off the Padres’ penultimate homestand of the season.

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  1. That’s pretty amazing. I know a lot of people bemoaned our lack of offense last year, but more accurately, our problem was lack of OBP. If we can improve OBP, we should do better.

    Here’s why I think we have room to hope:

    Cameron vs. Edmonds
    Cameron career OBP: .341
    Cameron average OBP from 04 – 07: .336
    Edmonds career OBP: .379
    Edmonds average OBP from 04-07: .370
    Net difference: + .034

    Sledge/Bradley vs. Hairston
    Sledge/Bradley career OBP: .343
    Sledge/Bradley OBP from 04 – 07: .349
    Hairston career OBP: .299
    Hairston average OBP from 04 – 07: .286
    Net difference: -.063

    Giles vs. Iguchi
    Giles career OBP: .353
    Giles OBP from 04-07: .347
    Iguchi career OBP: .347
    Iguchi average OBP from 05 – 07: .347
    Net difference: 0.00

    Some caveats:

    Both Edmonds and Cameron have seen declining OBP numbers in the past 4 years. Even in shortened seasons, Edmonds has still gotten on-base at a better clip.

    For the Hairston vs. Bradley/Sledge comparisons, it’s important to remember that some of Hairston’s seasons are very low due to not a ton of time in the majors. If he replicates his 07 Padres numbers (.287/.337/.644), we should be fine.

    As for the Iguchi/Giles comps, we should be fine there, since Giles is seriously declining while Iguchi has maintained his numbers from year to year. Giles, whose OBP last year was just over 300, is in serious decline and only his strong early numbers are keeping his comps higher.

  2. I think the pad offence will be better this year than in years past (if Greene, Edmonds and Giles can stay healthy), I’m really starting to get worried about their starting pitching though.

  3. Great read about Trevor’s nightmarish last week of the season and the wildfires:

    I would have had the same reaction if I had seen Trevor. I felt awful for him. I didn’t feel scorned or pissed as a fan. I felt like he was a brother who had just barely failed, and I felt awful. I’m beyond pleased that he has decided to make San Diego his lifelong home.

  4. 5: NICE! Huge potential upside here. Have Rusch/Estes/Hensley man the fifth spot in April until Prior is ready. If, and I know it’s a long shot, but IF Prior is healthy, we are instantly the favorites in the division. Just thing, Greg Maddux could likely be our worst pitcher if Prior and Wolf end up healthy.

  5. 1: I know we disagree on this, or at least I’m pretty sure we do, but that is a very distorted reading of OBP between Cameron and Edmonds. Cameron does not have declining OBP numbers over the period you mention; he had a bad year in 2004, an average, but injury shortened 2005, a very good 2006, and a below average 2007, which was likely largely caused by a below normal, for him, BABIP number. There is no decline during that period and no real trend; in fact it looks pretty darn normal as the .336 for the period to .341 for the career shows.

    Edmonds, otoh, is clearly showing decline as his past two seasons amply demonstrate. The Edmonds we’re getting is not going to be the 2004-2005 version, but the 2006-2007 version, if we’re lucky and he stays healthy. There’s no way he’s going to post anywhere near a .370 OBP, especially in Petco.

    While it would be nice to imagine gaining 34 points of OBP with Edmonds in CF versus Cameron, imagination is all that is. In fact what is much more likely is a comparable OBP with worse defense, less power and not many more games played even after Cameron misses 25 games due to suspension. Hopefully I’ll be wrong, as I was about DR’s offensive performance, but this is the most likely scenario, imo.

  6. So with the signing of Prior are the Padres done untill ST?

    as it stands now…

    Giles RF
    Iguchi 2B
    A-Gon 1B
    Kouz 3B
    Greene SS
    Bard C
    Edmonds CF
    Hairston/Headley LF

    Robles/Rodriguez/E. Gonzalez/Stanssberry/Crabbe
    Fick/P-Mac/Sweeney (maybe)

    Prior (with Hensley, Germano and Estes in AAA)


    Will that be the team we watch every night in 08, or does KT & Co have another move up thier sleeve?

  7. 8: I’m honestly fine with that lineup. I’d like to have a more proven 4th OF for some depth, but it’s not necessary. I think we’ll be much better than anyone in the media is believing.

  8. Not to whine about the what-ifs, but, IF Bradley and Jenkins had signed with Padres, and we had done the Edmonds trade, I would love our outfield. Some injury risk, but a lot of depth. I do hope they find someone to add the depth we need.

    The Prior signing makes you salivate, but probably for nothing. We got him for $1m plus incentives; no way that happens if the upside percentage is pretty low. However, classic, smart signing: tons of upside, limited downside.

    Amazing how with the crazy market, bad FA year we can still assemble a potentially competitive squad.

  9. 8: I’m also fine with that lineup. I think that Edmonds probably hits 5 or 6 (at least to open the season). I also agree that another 4th OF is a possibility. I’d love to see a RH power bat on the bench other than Hairston/Headley. I still don’t think that Fick probably makes this team (eh wasn’t given a guaranteed contract, was he?). I don’t see a backup SS on that bench…

  10. 7: Agree about the Cameron-Edmonds comparison and the most likely scenario. However, I think there’s a little upside left with Edmonds. I’d guess that if Edmonds defies the odds and actually stays healthy, we’ll be getting the 2005 or 2006 model. Even in 2006 he posted a 110 OPS+, which would probably be an upgrade on Cameron. If he does that, then he probably has comparable value to Cameron with worse defense, a little better hitting, and playing a few more games.

    The problem is that there’s such a small chance of him actually staying healthy.

    8: If the front office believes that Hairston or Davanon can play a passable center field and Headley can play a passable left, that team is probably complete. Not sure I believe that though. Looks like the success of the season is going to come down to Edmonds, Wolf, and Prior staying more healthy than they’ve been and Hairston or Headley hitting in the majors like they did the in the minors.

  11. I like the Prior signing quite a bit. I think Prior still believes he can contribute and pitch well because he only wanted a 1 year deal so he can get a big contract next year. If he thought he was done, he would have looked for that 2 year deal somewhere with an extra year of guaranteed money

  12. Re: 12 dont forget Giles is coming off knee surgery as well.

  13. 11: Fick is on a minor league deal.

    Are there any viable OF options left out their on the FA market, or do we need to go the way of the trade now? I’m assuming that we could still flip Barrett for something, but we’d have to find another back-up catcher.

  14. 12. One thing to note is that if Edmonds and Cameron come out to be pretty comparable, it works out better for us because we get that 1st round compensation pick for Cameron somewhere in the #35-45 pick range.

  15. 12: You’re probably right I’m being too pessimistic about Edmonds upside. I’m hoping for it though.

    16: I don’t know if we get a first round or not. I think Cameron was a Class B FA for some reason. Do you still get a first rounder for Class B or just Class A?

  16. 17: For Type B’s you get a supplemental 1st rounder. Type A’s get you that and you steal the other team’s first rounder (if it’s not in the first 10 picks) or second rounder (if their 1st was protected).

    I love the Prior signing. It seems like he could either work his way back to full strength as a reliever or join the rotation full-time in August, and a couple million is chicken feed for that. But it would still be great to have another pitcher better than Rusch/Estes/Etc to start the season.

  17. Love the Prior signing. 1 million is chump change these days in MLB. I can see him turning it around in SD. If he doesn’t we lose nothing.