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More stuff from the land of once-upon-a-time:

  • Ichiro Wins MVP, Padres Recall Several Prospects, and Joyner Joins Front Office (2001). I was probably too harsh on Ichiro, but he shouldn’t have won the award. As for Wally Joyner’s hiring, here’s what I said back then:

    It’s good to see the organization hiring guys like Joyner and Dave Magadan in key instructional and talent evaluation roles. These are men who understand the value of plate discipline, and their philosophy will help foster a better approach to hitting throughout the system. Not that their presence is a panacea for the Padres but it certainly should help.

    Still think Magadan got kind of a bum deal, but whatever. Dude has a ring, I doubt he’s complaining.

  • Kevin Towers: Deals of 1995-96, Part 1 (2006). Bip Roberts for Wally Joyner; Brad Ausmus and Andujar Cedeno for John Flaherty and Chris Gomez; Bryce Florie, Marc Newfield, and Ron Villone for Greg Vaugn. Good times…

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  1. Any post with Joyner is a good post. Wally will always be one of my favorite baseball players. Honest, respectful and plays hard.

  2. Re 1: Joyner was a Juicer.

  3. Wally sells a juicer? Is it like the Forman Grill only for fruits and vegetables? How do I get one of those…

    Wouldn’t that be a great idea…have Bonds market the Bonds* Juicer…for only $79.99. Dude would make tens of millions!

  4. OT – Hey G.Y. how about them Aztecs!

  5. GY … best poll ever :-)

  6. #4: No clue. News is hard to come by where I’m at right now (just found out A-Rod won the AL MVP).

    #5: Thanks, sir; glad you like it. 8)

  7. It’s over folks. Blum is gone again…. for now. Who knows, he could be back again…but those who complained about him incessantly may be wishing for his re-appearance when the Padres are rolling Luis Rodriguez or Oscar Robles out to second base on a daily basis.

  8. 3: Will it make your head swell up?

  9. Re: 8 I dont want to see Blum at 2B on a daily basis as well. I think Stansberry will do ok in B(l)ums role.

  10. 9 … in more ways than one?

  11. Here’s a look at a hypothetical MVP ballot that I like …

    … has Jake #3 … cool.

  12. OT … a look at BP’s UTK award for “best medical staff” (which went to the Indians) …

    … this is an award I’d like to at least see the Padres mentioned in, but they are not … wonder why not?

  13. Actually, I am fine with letting Blum go. The key factor in why the Pads are saying adios is that he is not a particularly good pinch hitter and can’t be trusted defensively in the late innings.and he will not be getting any better at 34 years old.

    The Pads still need a legit. back up short stop as they don’t have one on the roster or at AAA (Luis Cruz ??)

  14. 15: Blum was let go because he is not good — at anything. I’m not sure it has to be broken down. ;)

  15. 15 … good reminder that letting B(l)um go does raise the urgency/priority for a backup-SS … that was his one role on the 2007 Padres that could not be disputed … and luckily he didn’t have to play that role very often …

  16. One less FA pitcher on the market …;_ylt=Anbkwatr56Oo7zU4GTe8KFoRvLYF?slug=ap-indians-kobayashi&prov=ap&type=lgns

    … btw, I’ve heard that guy is a real hot dog :-)

  17. Dec 6th is the date BA will issue their Padres Top 10 Prospects list …

  18. OT … did this get previous mention …

    U.S. Wins First World Cup Since 1974

    … no Padres on the team … but still good/fun …

  19. 20: My old college baseball coach is an auxiliary coach for the US Squad… (he’s a great left handed bp coach and a pretty good scout – he’s been with Team US a lot over the past 8 years)

  20. Davidson, very good basketball team with Stephen Curry.

    Are you from North Carolina?

  21. Padres sign some minor league FAs …

  22. Padres’ 40-man roster now at 36 …

  23. #2: Yes. He tried juice once and admitted it. Another reason to like him.

  24. #17: Assuming he stays with the organization, Robles should be just as good an option.