Kings of the Road

I was hoping to have the next installment of our Operation Center Field series ready, but I’m still hacking through the data jungle. Instead, I’ll share a few items I found along the way that might help you win a bar bet or three:

MLB Road Home Runs in 2007

  1. Brewers: 110
  2. Padres: 99
  3. Phillies: 97
  4. Yankees/A’s/Braves/Mets: 94

Source: ESPN.

MLB Road Doubles in 2007

  1. Padres: 196
  2. Braves: 194
  3. Tigers: 188
  4. Phillies: 180
  5. Yankees: 176

Source: ESPN.

MLB Road Extra Base Hits in 2007

  1. Padres: 307
  2. Braves: 302
  3. Phillies: 297
  4. Yankees: 291
  5. Tigers: 284

Source: ESPN.

Don’t feel bad; everyone gets these wrong. And even if you don’t win any bets, at least you can feel better knowing that a lack of power wasn’t the problem with the Padres offense this season.

Winter Leagues

  • Saguaros 11, Surprise 7 (box). Will Venable, batting fourth again, singled twice and walked in six trips to the plate. He also saw his first action in the field, getting the start in left and committing a throwing error in his only chance. Matt Antonelli, in the #8 hole, went 1-for-5 and turned two double plays on defense. Nick Hundley followed Antonelli, going 2-for-5 with a solo homer and two strikeouts. Right-hander John Hudgins, acquired with Vince Sinisi in May 2006 for Freddy Guzman and coming back from Tommy John surgery, saw his first action of 2007, giving up three runs on three hits and a walk in the sixth inning. Baseball America ranked Hudgins as the Rangers’ #6 prospect before the 2005 season. He’s another once highly regarded pitcher from Stanford (Stan Spencer, Jason Middlebrook) who has seen injuries stall his career. The results on Wednesday weren’t great, but the fact that Hudgins threw 21 pitches in an actual game has to be encouraging. As a side note, four of the Rangers’ Top 10 prospects from ’05 are now Padres (Chris Young, #5; Hudgins; Adrian Gonzalez, #8; Sinisi, #10).
  • Obregon 10, Navojoa 4 (box). Oscar Robles, in his familiar #2 spot, went 1-for-3 with a solo homer and two walks. Luis Cruz, batting seventh and playing third base, went 0-for-4.

Dominican League scores were not in as of this writing.

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  2. This comment sent to me by a friend who’s a Rox fan …

    I was *very* glad to see Beckett pitch seven innings. If I were in Francona’s shoes, I would have lifted him after five innings with the big lead so I could bring him back for two more starts on one less day’s rest.

    … reminded me of some of the comments here in September about Peavy …

  3. Well if the Red Sox can keep hitting like they did last night they will not need to bring Beckett back on short rest.

  4. It will be interesting to see what the Red Sox do at Cooers with Big Papi and Youk. I’ve heard that they may move Youk to LF, Manny to RF and Ortiz to 1B or Move Youk to 3B, Lowell to SS and Ortiz to 1B. Both would be a serious blow to their defience.

  5. 2: Oh, but Dusty Baker defended it. I think he said it would help to maintain a comparable workload to a possible 100+ pitch effort later in the series.

  6. Re: 5 right cause Baker does not have a track record of over using pitchers.

  7. Just thought of something (hey, it happens): Do folks want a World Series IGD? Take me 2 minutes to set up if y’all will use it…