Friday Links (26 Oct 07)

I’m terrible at faking enthusiasm. This World Series means nothing to me. I’d just as soon not see Tom Werner win another championship, but I don’t even care much about that anymore. Does this make me a bad baseball fan?

I dunno. Maybe…

  • Nevin: Poway looks like ‘Mars’ (San Diego Union-Tribune). Several Padres (and Chargers) have been affected by the fires. It’s very foggy in my part of town this morning; hopefully folks on the front line will benefit from this weather shift.
  • Yankees likely to offer Jorge Posada $40 million (New York Daily News). Some folks have mentioned Posada as a possible target for the Padres. I’m pretty happy with Josh Bard, and Posada’s price tag is a shade high for my taste. He’s a terrific player, but I have a thing about giving multi-year contracts to 36-year-old catchers. Like, I don’t want to see my team do it.
  • Barfield fell on hard times with Indians (San Diego Union-Tribune). Ex-Padre Josh Barfield had a horrendous year in Cleveland. (I’ve got a more detailed look at his collapse in the works for another publication.) People have mentioned the possibility of his returning to San Diego, but I’m inclined to agree with Kevin Towers:

    Based on his age and his makeup and a strong skill set, I find it hard to believe they would give up on him or try to move him.

    Seriously, the kid turns 25 in December. His value likely never will be lower. What’s in it for the Indians?

  • Agent: Padres done with M. Giles (North County Times). Speaking of second base, from the “Denial Ain’t a River in Egypt” department comes this nugget:

    I didn’t expect to sit the bench. That’s definitely not what I signed for. I’m definitely ready to move on.

    No offense, but what part of .199/.283/.273 after April didn’t he understand?

  • A new era in run prevention (Friar Forecast). MB observes that the Padres made a dramatic jump in run prevention on moving downtown and wonders how they did it so quickly.
  • 2007 Scouting Report, By the Fans, For the Fans (TangoTiger). Tom has results up for this year’s report. No huge surprises for the Padres, although I’m not sure Brian Giles gets enough credit for the job he does negotiating a tough right field at Petco. Also, how does he end up with lower arm strength than Geoff Blum? Eh, whatever.
  • Salary vs. Performance (Ben Fry, via LynchMob in the comments). What a slick tool. Fun for fans of the Indians, Diamondbacks, and Rockies; not so much for the Orioles, Giants, or White Sox.
  • Names Durango Player of the Year (, via LaMar in the comments). Grady Fuson is pleased with Kellen Kulbacki’s progress. Mitch Canham and Yefri Carvajal also earn praise.
  • Young Talent Inventory (Baseball Digest Daily). Joe gives us a sneak peek at the top 25 young players as identified in the upcoming The Bill James Handbook 2008. Jake Peavy checks in at #17, Adrian Gonzalez at #18. (Hint: they’re not as young as they used to be.)
  • High Class A Stat Wrap (Baseball America). I’m way late to the party, but I love this type of analysis. BA also has one of these for Double-A and another for Triple-A.
  • USD, LBSU Push Back Fall World Series (Baseball America, via LynchMob in the comments). I had no idea anything like this even existed. Looks like we’ll have a real, honest-to-goodness baseball game in town on Sunday, November 4, at Cunningham Stadium. Sweet!
  • (via MB in the comments). You should know who he is; if not, here’s a little reminder. This is very, very cool.
  • Offseason blockbusters: October (Part two: 1970-1992) (Hardball Times). Fine effort from Steve Treder. Several Padres trades show up here, including those for Willie McCovey and Jack Clark, as well as the infamous Tony Fernandez giveaway (speaking of Werner).

Winter Leagues

  • Phoenix 8, Saguaros 2 (box). Will Venable got his first start in center field, playing the full nine. He went 0-for-4 in the cleanup spot and recorded three putouts in the field. Southpaw Will Startup gave up a run in the eighth on a walk, single, and two ground outs.
  • Licey 4, Gigantes 3 (box). This is Wednesday’s game. Yordany Ramirez, back in the Licey lineup, went 1-for-3 in the #9 spot.
  • Culiacan 8, Mexicali 3 (box). Jared Wells worked a scoreless ninth in the loss. He walked one batter, gave up a single to ex-Dodger Karim Garcia, and struck out ex-Red Reggie Taylor.
  • Obregon 7, Navojoa 5 (box). Oscar Robles singled in five at-bats.

No Padres played in the Caracas/Magallenes contest, but in the first inning, Edgardo Alfonzo drew a walk against Hideo Nomo. Once upon a time, people would have cared about that matchup.

Happy Friday, folks; it’s been a helluva week. Stay safe…