IGD: Padres vs Rockies (23 Sep 07)

Game #155
time: 1:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (13-10, 3.95) vs Jeff Francis (16-8, 4.25)
pre: B-R.com

Welcome to the final home game of the 2007 regular season. Let’s make it a good one…

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  1. All I see on “yahoo” is “Bradley singled … how could that have instigated something? Please tell … this sounds pretty serious …

  2. Not an implosion at all. Hairston back in left.

  3. Yahoo’s box score “game notes” includes these 3 (not good) entries …




  4. Lynch, I have no clue myself… and the video doesn’t show anything to explain Bradley’s actions at all. Bud did a take down on him because he was going after the umpire HARD. MB apparently had something happen to his knee when Bud threw him to the ground, but if Black doesn’t do it, Jenga might have clocked the umpire…not exaggerating.

  5. 51: I was on the phone at the time and only caught a part of it. I saw Bradley going after the up full tilt (and I mean, literally, full tilt) and then Bud Black, in an effort to stop him, sent Bradley to the ground. Apparently, in the process, Bradley’s knee got pretty f’d up.

    I also saw a quick replay of the initial conversation between Bradley and the ump at first base and it seemed pretty innocous. I didn’t see the “spark” or the beginning of the tirade. Maybe someone out there can describe it for us? Not sure why Ch 4 is not showing it again (it’s possible that I only caught a trailing replay, not the live event).

  6. #48: Bradley’s like a powder keg just ready to blow. I’ve yet to see any other team keep him under control for long. I don’t know if you can have that going the full year.

    Milton’s a free agent this year. That won’t help his bargaining power.

  7. That temper tantrum was so incredibly bad that Bradley will have a tough time getting anything resembling a sweet deal this off season -

  8. re 55: meant to type innocUous….

  9. Not an exaggeration at all Rich. Bradley completely came apart at the seams and looked like we was gonna start swinging. Just pathetic :( I really wanted to like him. Such a selfish move right now with a play off race and Cameron being out. Just pathetic.

  10. #55 Channel 4 isn’t showing it again because it was very embarrassing to the organization. Don’t worry though you will be seeing it plenty in the days,months, years to come.

  11. I’ve replayed it to see if I can figure out what’s going on. I don’t see anything that would have set Milton off. Meacham was standing between the umpire and Milton, though, even while Bradley was coming back to the bag between pitches.

    All of a sudden Bradley spins around and starts heading for the umpire. Meacham gets between them, but Milton shoves him out of the way. Buddy gets there and after about 3 pulls on his arm, takes him down, but twists Bradley’s knee in the process. Milton gets helped off the field by 2 of the trainers, without the ability to put weight on his leg.

    Meanwhile, while I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, I come back and see the Buddy’s getting ejected by the 3rd base umpire. I can’t wait to see this crew leave. (There was an earlier incident with Bard and the home plate unpire, where the umpire held the ball up, inches from Bard’s face, almost taunting him.)

  12. SAN DIEGO (AP) — Padres left fielder Milton Bradley was ejected and then injured his right knee during a bizarre sequence in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game against Colorado.

    Bradley reached on a two-out single, then said something to umpire Mike Winters. During the course of Kevin Kouzmanoff’s at-bat, it escalated into an argument and Padres manager Bud Black came running out.

    Bradley went after Winters, was restrained by coach Bobby Meacham, then was ejected. Bradley continued to go after Winters. Black tired to restrain Bradley, grabbing him by the jersey and pushed him to the ground. Bradley grabbed his right knee and had to be helped off the field.

    One batter later, Black ran onto the field after third-base umpire Hunter Wendelstedt called a check-swing strike on Adrian Gonzalez and was ejected.

  13. I have to say that MB’s actions are really going to hurt him in a month or so… that would be a huge place to go if you are a team bargaining for his services. So, being selfish or being stupid? Because it seems to me that if it was only being selfish, he would want that bigger paycheck.

  14. This just in… Bud Black is denying rumors the Chargers are negotiating with Black to have him teach a tackling clinic to the secondary and run-blocking drills to the O-line.

  15. #61 – Also, another testament to the plate ump was before Bradley’s meltdown Black was jawing at the home plate ump and the ump clear as day mouthed “bite me”. That is just not professional for that position. Don’t egg anyone on. It’s not your job!

    Glass half full thought:
    I am so thankful that we have people like Kouz and now Bard that are still trying to win this thing.

  16. I have seen Bradley blow up twice now in a way that I have never seen in 30 years of watching baseball. He is emotionally disturbed and needs treatment. Bradley seems like a great person, the fans like him, his teamates like him but he has some issues that he needs to work on. He better get healthy emotionally or he could be flushing a great opportunity down the drain.

  17. Wish Bradley had been playing outside linebacker today. We might have won, the football game at least. Clearly off his meds. But snark aside, dude has so real issues and needs help.

    FWIW, black needs to work on his tackling technique. The legs, grab him by the legs.

  18. It doesn’t sound like we’ll see this “highlight” at mlb.com … so if it does get posted somewhere, let us know … I’m not likely going to see ESPN or any other highlight shows today …

    It will be interesting to see if the umps go unscathed … it sounds like one or more of them may have contributed to a messy situation …

    So, Milton’s on first after a single … and after a couple of pitches to KK something happens and he goes after the 1B ump? Sounds like words were exchanged … and Meachem will have heard all the words … perhaps Black heard them also …

    An ump has to be a very strong person … strong enough to make fast and accurate decisions … and even stronger still to not be a part of any negative debate about those decisions …

  19. re: Cameron … mlb.com story says this …

    left the game in the seventh inning with a bruised right thumb and index finger after he collided with Milton Bradley.

  20. This link has info about Hairston’s “flu” … and Hensley shoulder (note: it says “July MRI showed a tear in his right shoulder” … but he pitched 14 innings in Aug & Sep???) …


  21. Not to plug my show again, but I will…

    We will have an extensive report on the Bradley incident tonight on Sportswrap on NBC 7/39, at 11:35 pm… set your DVR’s now.

  22. I think (hope) Bradley just ended his Padres career. No way they bring him back now. To go absolutely nuts like that in a crucial game shows just how screwed up he really is. I’m actually hoping he seriously injured his knee and is out for the year. I was really in his corner until the last time he was ejected (for staring down the ump) but now I feel like the Boston fans who talked themselves into thinking JD Drew would be a good addition.

    What a lousy sports day in San Diego. The Chargers are looking like a .500 team and the one thing the Padres needed to avoid was a sweep but they got swept.

  23. Channel 8 teased their report on the game by saying there’s an allegation an ump made a racial comment to Milton. Not sure what that’s about. I saw Milton saying the umps are harping on him. I was at the game and not impressed at all by Milton’s outburst. The post game shows have all steered well clear of it, so it’s all a big mystery. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that the umps don’t like him, or that they talk trash to him. He needs to do his business between the lines and not take the bait. If the ump says something to you, you finish the game and file a report. Right or wrong, getting into a physical altercation and getting tossed takes all the credibility out of your claim.

    Also, AP’s story on the game is incorrect. They say that Bud was ejected after coming out to third to argue the check swing call. He was actually in the dugout when he got tossed by the 3B ump, then came out to 3rd to argue after the ejection.

  24. well heres the one thing i noticed that wasnt already said, bradley was trying to get at the umpire so badly that he looked like he wanted to really hurt the ump. when black was restraining bradley, he actually grabbed buddy by the neck to try and get past him then black threw him down. thats when he grabbed his knee

    but it really was a bad situation i was raving about milton i used to love the guy but as a baseball player myself someone who plays for fun and for the love of the game

    this is NOT the time for what he pulled today and pulling up lame after all of it, i mean c’mon who do you think you are to grab at your managers neck just to try and assault an umpire… which the way he was being held back im convinced he would have hurt the ump.

    this is the playoffs you are taking away from our teams dream for postseason success.

    no matter how angry you get(ive been so angry at an ump i could have seriously hurt him) you just DONT. not if you are committed to your career and are commited to winning which we were before this series.

    it was so ugly.

    even with his obvious skills at playing…i dont see us bringing him back unless we get to the root of his anger issues.

  25. Here’s a link to video …


    … the commentators (including Kruk) are saying something about Milton wanting to call time-out? I don’t get it … and the video shows Milton jawing in the dugout on his way back to the locker room … sigh …

  26. I just watched the replay again and when Bradley is trying to call time Channel 4 cut to a wide shot and you can see Winters is looking directly at Meacham, who starts walking towards Winters with his arms outstretched and shaking his head, like he can’t believe what’s going on. Even while Bradley is going through his tantrum Meacham is still facing Winters and arguing with him. Meacham was more concerned with Winters than restraining Bradley. That tells me Winters said something that was over the line.

    It still doesn’t excuse Bradley, he embarrassed the entire organization today. Hurting himself while arguing with the ump is a new low and something only Milton Bradley could do. Good riddance.

  27. ESPN has details:

    I have a lot of respect for Sandy Alderson. He’s had his issues with umpires but he seems fair in his criticisms. He had this to say:

    “We’re not going to sit by and see an umpire bait a player,” Alderson said. He added that if the commissioner’s office concludes the situation was handled appropriately, “I’ll be shocked.”

    I’ll temper my criticism of Bradley somewhat but he still needs to back off when Black is restraining him. Blaming the umpire for his injury is just ridiculous.

  28. Bradley is crazy. What an idiot. Get a hold of yourself. I hope this is not the end of the season…………..

  29. Wow, mlb.com does have video posted …


    … but no BB post-game-interview (as is usual following home games) …

  30. 79 … as is slo-mo of Cameron getting his hand step’d on and his face knee’d by Milton … sigh …

  31. Hi. I’d like to add a new element of being depressed…

    There’s a part of me now that doesn’t even want to make the playoffs now. I think the Phillies and Rockies have done great work and I think they deserve it more than we do. They’re playing better than us, and their players are certainly carrying themselves with more dignity.

  32. From the Padres.com article. Really seems that they’re taking Bradley’s side, and perhaps, deservedly so:

    Bradley is hitting .312 in 44 games with the Padres and had a hit in his final at-bat before he was ejected after a heated conversation with Winters. The brouhaha had its origins in a strikeout in the fifth inning, when Bradley, as plate umpire Brian Runge told the Associated Press, “[He] flipped the bat right in front of me, about 5-to-10 feet in front of me.”

    While standing at first base after his single in the eighth inning, Bradley and Winters were engaged in what appeared to be a fairly tame conversation about the bat-flipping incident until Bradley suddenly became enraged and had to be separated by coach Bobby Meacham and, later Black. Black tried to push Bradley away from Winters, which resulted in Bradley tumbling to the grass, where he clutched his right knee.

    Meacham said after the game that Bradley did nothing to warrant the ejection or, in his opinion, the tone and the choice of words that Winters reportedly used.

    “In 26 years of baseball, I couldn’t believe my ears the way that he spoke to Milton was so disrespectful, so angry, so vindictive,” Meacham said. “It was weird. The boiling point is when he called Milton a name. Milton did not saying anything to him to get him to do that.”

    Bradley said there was no reason why his conversation with Winters needed to escalate to the point where the outfielder was ejected and then subsequently injured.

    “All I do is try go out there and play baseball hard. I’ve done everything in my power to do things the right way,” Bradley said. “That guy, Mike Winters, no reason for it. You don’t ride people. He kept talking to me, he wouldn’t stop. Meach was standing right there. It’s terrible, and now because of him my knee’s hurt. If he costs me my season because of that he needs to be reprimanded. I’m going to take some action.”

  33. 78 … it’s not that simple … is it? Clearly Milton over-reacted … and is quoted in the mlb.com article as blaming the ump for his knee being hurt … and that’s just not the case … he’s responsible for the actions he was taking that led to him getting hurt …

    That being said … I sure hope that the ump is held responsible for his actions … and if Bobby Meacham’s quotes are to be believed, that ump should be very severaly penalized … fired? I sure don’t know all the facts, but umps that inject more than decisions into the game are very bad for the game … no excuses … none!

  34. 81: Steve, normally, you’re pretty funny, but this time, sorry dude, you’re being absurd….

    Philly – Um, you remember their fans? Yeah, about the last thing they deserve is a chance in the playoffs. What a bunch of jerks. (note: We all thought Jenga handled himself well during that series)

    Colorado – They’ve got plenty of years ahead of them. Let them and the Dbacks fight it out in future years. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the rockies, so I’ll borrow from a movie that was beyond it’s years in wise writing: Goonies. So says Sean Astin “This is our time…Up there, it’s their time, but down here…down here..it’s our time! ”

    No seriously, I think we need to rethink our reaction to Bradley here. Admittedly, he was out of control and has a temper that needs to be evaluated professionally. But, its nice to see that despite having a homerun and a single, he was clearly not “just happy to be having a good day individually”. Moreover, I think we need to pay attention to the insight revealed in the post game interviews with Alderson, Meachem, etc. It’s clear that some impropriety has occured and the Padres brass are definitely steemed. In fact, I would argue that Meachem’s initial reaction attests to the fact that the umpire was way out of line. To illustrate, here is Meachem’s take:

    “In 26 years of baseball, I can honestly say that’s the most disconcerting conversation I have ever heard from an umpire to a player,” Meacham said. “It was almost like he wanted to agitate the whole thing. He wanted to get Milton boiling for some reason. Milton, he held his cool. I was just appalled.”

    So, what does all this mean? Yup, the Chargers are pathetic right now…. Oh wait, sorry, different discussion.

  35. 84 … got a link to what SA has said?

  36. 85: see #77.
    Padres CEO Sandy Alderson, a former general manager and president of the Oakland Athletics, said he’d never seen a player injured like that. “But as far as I’m concerned, it was necessary,” he said.

    Alderson used to work in the commissioner’s office, where one of his duties was overseeing umpires.

    “We’re not going to sit by and see an umpire bait a player,” Alderson said. He added that if the commissioner’s office concludes the situation was handled appropriately, “I’ll be shocked.”

  37. 84: Okay, maybe not Philly. Their fans do seem like jerks.

    And I’m sick of Milton’s excuses. I don’t care what that umpire said to him, he embarrassed the organization. He’s made us sit here and talk about him and his insanity instead of sitting here trying to do our best to be optimistic about facing the Giants.

    “Bradley said there was no reason why his conversation with Winters needed to escalate” , “and now because of him my knee’s hurt”. Give me a break!!! He had total control over his situation!

    He’s acting like a child and I don’t want him on my team.

  38. 86 … thanks, I missed 77 … no excuse for Bradley’s action … no excuse for Winters’ actions … and it matters to me that Winters is in a position of authority … it sure seems like he has failed in a basic part of his job … I very much support the “hands off the umps” rule … and there also needs to be a clear “rule” about the umps not interacting with the players AT ALL … EVER … simple.

  39. Re. 88 My high school baseball program has the same approach towards umpires. If you’ve got a problem with an umpire, discuss it with the coach and the coach will talk to the umpire.

    Bradley should not have even worried about communicating with the 1st base umpire. Obviously, the umpire had it in for him from the beginning when he told the home plate umpire that Bradley tried to hit him with the bat when he flipped it in the 5th inning. Bradley asked him if he was the one that told the home plate umpire that, and he said yes. That’s where the whole thing started.

    It’s stupid for an umpire to think that he was trying to hit the plate umpire with the bat, but Bradley should not even had worried about it and gone on with his business. The whole thing could have been avoided if he would just drop the whole business about the bat flip even if it’s ridiculously stupid.

  40. MB is responsible for his reaction, but the umpires clearly provoked it.

  41. Hey crybabies,

    Only an idiot from the most racist city in the U.S., Boston, Massachusetts, would throw in the towel on a promising season when a player from his favorite team is verbally assaulted with a racial epithet.

    As for the rest of you, you’re like wolves to the slaughter. If the front office hadn’t shown the balls to trade for Bradley in the first place, the Padres would be out of contention by now.

    P.S. I am one of the two Padres “fans” that voted Jenga for team MVP.

  42. 91: Totally inappropriate.

  43. 91

    That was uncalled for. Chill out, man. Sounds like the umpire said some pretty inappropriate things, but Bradley is the one that went crazy. If Bradley’s hurt here, it’s his fault. He didn’t have to go after the guy like a lunatic.

    I mean if you’re MB, and you think you’re going to get tossed, can’t you just call the guy an a**h**e instead of having to be restrained.

    I don’t think Bradley’s a bad guy (I”m the one that put “Jenga” on the poll — kind of a joke), but he’s got some big time anger issues.

    If he’s done for the year because of this, it would totally suck. He basically hurt his knee going after an umpire — this was brought on by his own stupidity.

    As for the Rockies and Phillies deserving it more — are you kidding me??? Screw that, man — I want to get to the playoffs!!

  44. Okay, some more dramatic points I’d like to make:

    Could some of us be rallying behind Bradley a bit more because he’s on our team? You know, maybe not completely excusing his actions, but excusing his excuses. Would we be doing the same thing if he were on another team? I doubt it. If he were on any other team all we’d think was that he was a huge creep. Reminds me of Barry Bonds. The majority of Giants fans love the guy. They excuse his excuses because of what he does with the bat. But we all know Barry Bonds is a jerk and a disgrace to baseball.

    Also, imagine if we get into the playoffs, it’s the NL Championship Series, Padres on the national stage, and Bradley pulls something like this again. Do we really want this man representing our city? I’m proud when I tell people I’m from San Diego. I’m proud when I tell the kids I teach that I’m a Padres fan. But it would be so awful to have to watch, and then explain for, Bradley doing something like that on national television. When I say a PART of me doesn’t want to get to the playoffs, it’s to avoid that almost inevitable situation. I’d rather we lose with dignity than have one of our high profile players misrepresenting our city and being a horrible role model to our kids.

  45. Is Camy out too? Jenga reminds me of Tyson, great talent but can’t control himself, even is an ump is jawing at you. Like he doesn’t hear that from fans all the time. Strange series. Seems the any team that hits really well and pitches decent dominates us.