IGD: Padres vs Rockies (23 Sep 07)

Game #155
time: 1:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (13-10, 3.95) vs Jeff Francis (16-8, 4.25)
pre: B-R.com

Welcome to the final home game of the 2007 regular season. Let’s make it a good one…

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  1. One positive coming out of last night’s game, Cameron’s contractual demands just went down by $1 million per year.

    We have to play well defensively to have a shot, particularly when we are slumping at the plate. I think that ball to Milton in the first was a catchable ball, as well. Oh, well, take that one away and the 2 on Cammy’s error and we still lose by one.

    Worst part is that I’ve gotten 3 calls from a friend of mine in Colorado who likes to twist that knife during series like this. Ouch.

  2. Today is the day. The Padres really need to get it done today and stake a claim to a playoff spot.

  3. Like most of the series, the Nats are hanging in there against the Phils, it is tied 1-1 in the 5th. Pads need a minor miracle here with a Nats win.

  4. A Nationals win would be nice. For the Padres to get it done would be better. We’ve gone back to the one-inning threat blues the last two games. That’s okay when it works… like if Tulowitski was 5’10″ instead of 6’4″ we’d have won on Giles line drive Friday night.

  5. BTW, I’d love to be able to get this kind of IGD going regarding the Bolts over at http://mvn.com/nfl-chargers.

  6. #4 I hate to say this but we need both equally. We really don’t have as much control of our destiny then I would like as the Phils are winning everyday.

    Heck, the Phils may win the East. Marlins are up today on the struggling Mets. If the Mets lose, then we are 1 up on them. That could be huge. The Mets may be the team we are competing with for the wildcard.

  7. Sorry, we are one behind the Mets. We would be tied with a Pads win and Mets loss

  8. JP, we need a win today and that just has to be the focus daily. It always should be. All the “help” in the world doesn’t matter otherwise. On the positive side, we were inches from a win on Friday and a key base hit away last night. The negative is that the team that went on that seven game streak shouldn’t be “a hit away”. This Colorado team beating us on hitting is far easier to accept than being beaten by their pitching.

  9. Big and boisterous crowd in last game at RFK watches Austin Kearns line a basehit to tie the game at 2 in the bottom of the 6th.

  10. Agree Rich. I just think that it would be a shame if this club wins 90-91 games and doesn’t make the dance. We need some help –just a little bit of help –Today is huge, a Pads win could kill off the Rox and hopefully have one of the Big 3 : AZ/Phil/Mets lose and we are in much better position with just one day of play. It’s a weird feeling putting such a heightened sense of importance of a regular season game but 1 day now can change so much !!!

    Nats have the bases loaded with one out, up 3-2 !!!!!!!

  11. We lose today, we need to look for the panic button.

    I worry a great deal about only having 9 hits in 23 innings… that’s a .130 average….. ouch!

  12. #11 If we lose and the teams ahead of us win then, yes, we are in some trouble.

  13. Jon Rauch gets out of a jam in the 7th. DC up 3-2 . Emotional day at RFK —feel a Nats win :)

  14. Send the Nats Jon Rauch a thank you card, he pitched two innings of scoreless ball –one more stressful inning to go.

  15. Robert Fick is hot ! Nats announcers have spent half the day talking about Fick’s antics in the clubhouse. Fick’s Rbi single makes score Nats 4 Phillies 2 in the bottom of the eighth !!

  16. Chargers D is really sucking, 10 penalties and Marlin McCree continues to be a punk with several personal fouls and several missed tackles.

  17. Nats win ! Nats win ! Thank the Padres god for the fact that this was the last game at RFK. Big crowd and emotion gave the Nats a lift !! Pads playoff chances a little better. Any Nats win against Phillies is a bonus.

  18. 16: good news. Now a Padre win and its back to 1.5 in the a road trip to SF. BTW, for SF, not having Bonds back is the best thing for that franchise.

  19. 16: Yeah, last year was probably going to be the best it gets, with Turner as the head coach and all.

  20. Time to adjust expectations of the Chargers downward. which is OK. They are not playing well. Beaten by Greenbay makes the Chargers ordinary. Chargers have talent, but the coaching staff isn’t using it. Oh well. You can’t turn over the head coach and all the coordinators without some trouble.

    Go Padres!

  21. Anyone think getting Norv may have not been the best idea?

  22. Boy the Chargers remind me of their 2005 version. Not making the big play to assure the close win and also getting toasted in the secondary. Unreal.

    Great AB by NOG. Also nice to know that he’s starting to get the bat going.

  23. 21: It does kinda seem like was picked up in the discount bin in the NFL coaches aisle.

  24. Nice to see that Mlb.com finally figured out that they could gain revenue by playing commercials between innings…. What did that take: three years? Unreal…

  25. 24: Well to their credit, they did have a picture of a huge Yankees metal bucket sitting there during commercial breaks. That must have earned them thousands in huge Yankees metal bucket sales.

  26. I think balls that are clearly foul balls but accidentally landed fair should still count as foul balls.

  27. How bad is Hairston’s “flu” that Giles can’t get a day off?

  28. Jenga! How I’ve missed you!

  29. Uncle Milty ties it up

  30. What’s this about Grant being on the national stage next year?

  31. Maddux doesn’t have it today either. I get the feeling like he is really out of gas —lets hope we can just keep it close.

  32. When Yorvit Torrealba steals second off of you, you have a problem holding and throwing out runners.

  33. Looks like this is going to be a bad weekend for San Diego sports…

  34. BTW, Mike Cameron has struck out 31 times in his last 71 at bats. Got to wonder if he is hurt or something ? Not good timing for the Pads. I appreciate what Cameron has done here but I am thinking lately that the Pads would be foolish to offer Cameron a expensive three year deal.

  35. Cameron and Giles swinging first pitch to make sure Francis gets a 5 pitch inning.

  36. Not sure who to put in center after Camy, but 37 I completely agree. Camy has a terrible sense of the strike zone, and for all his hits, strikes out way too much. I would not have Camy back. Bad SD sports day, indeed. But terrific weather day, it is beautiful outside. That is SD for you, teams suck but weather is the best.

  37. Az 1
    LA 1

    Not that it matters.

  38. Not all is lost. Thank god for the longshot win out of the Nats over the Phils. What does matter is that the Phillies will have their hands full at home against a suddenly hot Braves team and that last series in Milwaukee for the Pads may not mean anything to the Brewers (3.5 back) which will take some of the emotion out of the series. This could obviously help the Pads and could mean that Ben Sheets will not be risked for 2008. Tommorrow is another huge game – a chance for the Pads to gain in the chase as the Phils are idle.

  39. A courageous effort by Cameron. Not one can ever accuse this guy of not giving 100% ! As a Padres fan, I really appreciate his effort on that one. Especially with him almost having his eye taken out on a similiar play here three years ago.

  40. Every Padre at bat that I have to watch Marcus Giles hit is one closer to his last here ever. This logic helps me get through.

  41. JP, thanks for the encouraging words, need to today. Atl at least has a clue.

  42. Good job today by Ledezma who soaked up 3 innings with decent pitching.

    More good news –the Giants have shut down Lincecum and now we are facing Pat Misch in game #3 –it is game #2 of the series that will be tough for the Pads to win –Cain vs Tomko – a win here could mean a sweep for the Pads.

    #44 I believe that Hudson, Smoltz and James are going for Atlanta in that series against the Phils.

  43. I can’t believe what I just saw. Jenga went off the deep end with this one —wow . you will be seeing this one for the next 30 years on top 10 lists on sports TV. this was a BAD moment in Padres history.

  44. I’m rethinking the desire to have Bradley come back. Buddy wrestles him to the ground to keep Bradley from being thrown out of the game and Bradley has to be helped off the field due to a screwed up knee?

    Can today go any worse for San Diego sports?

  45. See you guys, I don’t want Bradley on my team anymore. I’ve said things like this in the past and you all get on me like, “I like his passion” , “He swings a great bat”.

    But I don’t care, what Bradley just did is messed up. That’s not being a good role model. That’s being a freaking idiot. For me to have to watch my team be a part of whatever the crap just happened out there makes me sick.

    I’d rather we suck than we be a bunch of jackasses.

  46. Holy Sh$t! Did Milton just get hurt from a Bud Black tackle?!?? Um, can we PLEASE get a replay on all of this? What set Milton off??? OMG!

  47. Holy crap, the Pads are imploding. Unbelievable.