IGD: Padres @ Rockies (7 Sep 07)

Game #140
time: 6:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Justin Germano (7-8, 4.11) vs Elmer Dessens (2-2, 7.39)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

While rummaging through the MLB press notes for Friday night’s game I found this little nugget at the bottom of page 9: the Padres have lost a total of 241 games to the disabled list in 2007. Compare that with 600+ each of the past two seasons. Of players that were expected to contribute in a material role this season, only two — Brian Giles (34) and Clay Hensley (25) — have missed as many as 20 games. That’s pretty impressive, especially when you consider how many old guys there are on this team. Props to trainer Todd Hutcheson and his staff for a job well done.

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  1. Well, the pressure is on. Gotta keep winning, can’t let down now, too many dogs in this hunt.

  2. Let’s hope out bats are bigger tonight than in that DB series.

  3. I hate to say it GY, but I’m sure that Shawn Estes totally skewed last years numbers.

  4. Uncle Milty has been throwin a lot of bats on his swings lately…

  5. That’s a pretty disastrous four batter start.

  6. Make that a disastrous five batter start.

  7. All 5 of our first hitters have just looked horrible

  8. Kouz has the first decent AB with a BB

  9. The umpire has been really bad. He was pretty inconsistent on calling the high strike to Kouz and Greene, and then the first pitch strike to Bard was at least four inches outside.

  10. And then the first two pitches to Hawpe were in the same spot as the strike to Bard and called balls.

  11. How could Germano possible be being hit like this? Bard is the catcher; we’re supposed to win his games.

  12. 12: Because he’s turned back into a pumpkin?

  13. This game has been grim so far. Hate to see Dessens hurting, but you have to think getting into that massive (13 dudes!) Rockie bullpen will help our chances of coming back.

    Assuming the lead holds (in Coors Field, so not a given by far), Dessens only pitched 2.1 innings, but left due to injury. Does anyone know if he can earn the win?

  14. 14: He can not get the win.

  15. Bases loaded and Adrain at the plate…c’mon Gonzo!

  16. single to center, 2 runs and we’ll take it. yup, the Rockie bullpen looks mighty tasty.

  17. Woohoo, a hit!

    The good part of the Rockie bullpen is actually good, though, so we should work on getting that lead early in the game before Fuentes and Corpas can pitch.

  18. That should have been caught.

  19. OK, this game isn’t over yet.

  20. Nice. That ball was crushed.

  21. Attaboy Myrow – get yourself that baseball for a souvenir.

    This game could take a while. Colorado has scored five runs but is on their third pitcher. Hurdle may dip into the pen often tonight.

  22. 22: Especially if he’s going to bring out a LOOGY for OG every time. Presumably he won’t want lefties facing Cameron, so that’s going to require a pitching change also. Or, it will give us a nice matchup advantage.

  23. Yeah, but Bud is sure to put in Tomko, which is a sure couple more runs for Colorado.

  24. Good grief, Hurdle, this isn’t Little League. They don’t all have to play.

  25. Hey, if they’re all about equally crappy, might as well just put in the crappy guy with the platoon advantage.

  26. Rockies announcers are hypothesizing Herges is the guy they’ve selected to go deeper in the game. Sounds good to me.

  27. All right, Tomko, hold ‘em to 1.

  28. I read that Tomko blamed his bad numbers on all of the booing he got in L.A. Awww. Poor guy.