IGD: Padres @ Giants (24 Sep 07)

Game #156
time: 7:15 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-7, 2.83) vs Barry Zito (9-13, 4.56)
pre: Padres.com | B-R.com

Sigh. Milton Bradley and Mike Cameron are out for the year.

Less nonsense and more winning, please. Go Padres!

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  1. So what stage are you at:


    I fully expected to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year, but it’s time to reset expectations. I’m now praying / hoping to make the playoffs.

    I suppose that’s bargaining….

  2. #51 Denial. Total Denial.

    Giants looked hungry tonight as they have been recently embarrassed by the Pads and Bochy probably gave them a pep talk from the heart. Think they want to smack around the scrub Tomko tomorrow who somehow shut them down last week ? You bet. Cain vs. Tomko. Doesn’t look good… Lets hope the Phillies/Mets hit the skids and the Dodgers step it up against the Rox.

  3. We will need a minor miracle over the weekend as well. Looking forward to Cassel vs. Sheets.

  4. I’m not look forwarding to this offseason either. Too worried they are going to simply plug holes with “buy low” types.

  5. 51: I think after tonight I’m at acceptance. I fully expect Tomko to get blown out of the water tomorrow, followed by a great Peavy start, where the Padres get no hit. Of course this will be followed by an offseason of the FO trying to hype Sledge again as the answer in left. And to think I already bought season tickets for next season. :)

  6. Acceptance, that it could still happen but not the way they are playing right now. If the Atl can fend off philly, maybe, but as this just said on ESPN, everything that can go wrong for the Padres has gone wrong. To me, off season should be a retooling looking for offense. Rf, C, Lf, and 2nd need fresh blood, guys that can hit. But it aint’ over yet:)

  7. As long as we are still tied, I will still be in denial. The Pads are all we have right now since Norv’s Chargers are not off to such a hot start. Right now, the Pads still have a chance no matter how bleak things are looking. But I am sure that Cain will one hit us tomorrow after the Phils will have already won by 7pm. Then I think I will be fast approaching depression, realizing that a team with one effective rotation member, one and a half hitters and 2/3 of an OF consisting of Brady Clark and Scott Hairston will not be going anywhere in the playoffs.

  8. Fortunately for us, in a six game sample size there is almost no difference between Hairston and Bradley and Clark and Cameron. The replacements are just about as capable of the regulars as getting hot for the remaining games. Any pitcher can get really lucky for a start or two and have all the hard hit balls find gloves. Whether or not we make the playoffs is basically a coinflip at this stage. Let’s get lucky!

  9. I’m late on that link — sorry guys. I should have known it was old news!

  10. 27: I am not saying he wont be effective anymore, I just think part of this is injury and part of it is the league figuring him out. Its been nearly 2 months now so if he isnt healthy enought to pitch he shouldnt be pitching. I dont think anyone is baseball throws a straighter fastball than CY. When he gets healthy the walks will go down, but I dont think he is going to be the same.