IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (4 Sep 07)

Game #138
time: 6:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (9-5, 2.38) vs Doug Davis (12-11, 4.09)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

As noted in Tuesday morning’s comments, the Padres have signed journeyman right-hander Brett Tomko for the stretch run. Tomko, a mainstay in the Padres rotation back in 2002, was a second-round pick of the Cincinnati Reds in 1995. He and Jarrod Washburn were the best pitchers taken that round, which is damning with faint praise. Tomko also rejoins Mike Cameron, with whom he once was traded for Ken Griffey Jr.

Eh, there’s more, but even I’ve lost interest…

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  1. does anyone have mlb.tv?

  2. 101: yes, lot of us do. I’m watching on it now.

  3. 102: if you live in san diego, does it black out all the games or just once in a while?

  4. 103: I live in Boston. I think the trick is that if the game is going to be showed locally, then it is blacked out on mlb.tv.

  5. When I’m in San Diego, it blacks out all the Padre games, even when they’re not shown locally.

  6. Kouzmanoff has seen four pitches in flying out, grounding into a double play, and grounding out.

  7. I guess KK is now established enough to swing first pitch against the erratic Doug Davis.

  8. Mark Grace just credited Doug Davis attacking the strike zone and throwing lots of strikes for his success today. Yes, the Davis that has thrown almost half of his pitches for balls today and walked 5 batters in 5 2/3 innings.

  9. It would be nice if Blum would have at least taking strike 2 before poppin up.

  10. That hit right there is why Meredith has been so much worse this year than last.

  11. Mark Grace thinks baserunning is more important in close games than hitting or pitching.

  12. Meredith has given up a s***load of hits this year. Hopefully, he won’t sniff much action in the postseason.

  13. Wow. Meredith strikes out a guy, walks a guy, gives up a slow grounder up the middle, gives up a slow grounder to second base, and it’s a run. He shouldn’t have walked Young, but he pitched great other than that.

  14. 112: Did you see the hit he gave up? How on earth is that his fault? He can’t induce weaker contact than that, and it was a ground ball.

  15. yes, he walked a guy, like every other pitcher on this staff he ignored the runner at first and the ball hit up the middle was not a slow grounder.

  16. It was about as slow as it could have been hit and still leave the infield.

  17. Sorry, it’s kind of a ridiculous point to be arguing about. My point is, two strikeouts, a walk, and two ground balls are not going to result in a run most of the time, particularly when the ground balls are not hit well.

  18. I am just frustrated with Meredith and venting unnecessarily. He has been a bit unlucky this year. He doesn’t walk many which is really encouraging.

  19. Well that was inside.

  20. 20 … when do you think “down the stretch” is? I think it’s *now*! But that being said, if CY’s not healthy, then I’d hope they’d wait until he is … so I’m trusting that “health” is not CY’s issue right now … time will tell …

  21. Do you go to the Ems game tonight, Lynch?

  22. Nope … planning to go to home finale tomorrow … good thing I didn’t go tonight …


    … ugly …

  23. Preview of San Antonio’s playoff series which starts tomorrow …


    Their rotation is Geer, Ramos, Leblanc, Inman … hmmm … now that’s a nice AA rotation! I gotta hope that’s what we get up in Portland next season!

  24. Hensley’s not “looking” good (on the internet) … how’s he look on TV?

  25. OK, that was just stupid.

  26. Well that sucked. Gotta come back and win tomorrow. Go Jake!