IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (3 Sep 07)

Game #137
time: 1:40 p.m. PT
tv: none
sp: Greg Maddux (10-9, 3.79) vs Micah Owings (6-7, 4.51)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

Happy Labor Day, folks. The Padres and Diamondbacks enter their three-game series separated by mere percentage points at the top of the National League West with fewer than 30 games remaining. Could it get any better?

Well, yeah. The game could be televised. Hello!

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  1. 50: Oh I’m laughing…


  2. I hear by propose that Milton Bradley’s new nickname be Uncle Milty…what do you guys think?

  3. When you think about it, barring a complete collapse, both of these teams should be in the playoffs. The Dbacks need to play close to .500 ball the rest of the way and could even get in if they collapse and win 10 of their last 25 or so because the Phillies,Braves or Dodgers are hardly setting the world on fire.

    Dbacks, Cubs and the Mets probably in. Think we don’t have a chance to win a pennant ?

  4. Many people think the Diamondbacks will collapse because they are young and they have been outscored so much, so they have been very lucky.

  5. No love for KK’s #15? He’s getting closer to 20 :-)

  6. 52: I like it, but “Jenga” is already locked and loaded as his nickname….It would be like calling Brian Giles “Oompa Loompa” instead of OG… funny, but the book is already closed….

  7. Thru 6 …

    Pitches-strikes – G Maddux 74-52; M Owings 44-29; Y Petit 40-25; B Medders 12-5.

    Ground balls-fly balls – G Maddux 10-3; M Owings 1-4; Y Petit 0-4; B Medders 1-2.

    Batters faced – G Maddux 22; M Owings 14; Y Petit 8; B Medders 5.

    … interesting to note that Maddux has given up 4 hits … for the cycle … but still not walked anyone (for the super-cycle) …

    Question: send him back out for the 7th?

    If you know me, you know I’d be happy taking him out here … espeically with BB toying with the idea of shortening the rotation over the next couple of weeks (thanks to scheduled off-days) … I think our bully’s good for 3 IPs today …

  8. Adrian Gonzalez is onefrom tying and two from breaking the team record for home runs in the Petco era. Phil Nevin, 26, 2004.

  9. Anybody up in the pen now?

  10. Alright, have we gotten too cocky here?

    I think next inning we should hit three more home runs… just to be safe.

  11. re:14
    Lynch, I own a McDavid game worn jersey… *grin*

  12. I’m good with the quick hook …

  13. 39 year old Doug Brocail throwing 90+ mph gas.

  14. The two full counts were a little unnecessary, but Brocail got the job done nicely.

  15. 62 … nice … what team? There can’t be many of those that say “Padres” on the front …


    … and in looking at his numbers, he’s proof you can’t just go by OBP in A-ball … anybody know how/why he “miss”d?

  16. KK now hitting .251!!!

  17. All of the regulars are hitting .250. Who would have thunk it a couple months ago?

  18. 66. Lynch, it’s a Padres home white and blue pinstripe jersey…. got it in the “clearance” sale they did before they left the Q

  19. Blum this year as a ,700 OPS as a lefty and a .588 OPS as a righty. Please, Black, start Stansberry against Davis tomorrow.

  20. I am not sure if this was discussed before: Cederic Hunter was recently called up to AAA. I found that quite surprising. He is not doing to bad, he just hit a homer!

  21. That is really weird. I thought they usually promoted non-prospects to fill spots like that.

  22. It would be nice to see Stansberry get a start or two down the stretch to see what he can do at this level. Stansberry may be of more value than Marcus Giles on the playoff roster – he makes better contact and has better speed. He is not going to be as good as Giles defensively but he is still a notch better than Blum.

  23. Yeah, my guess is that he will skip Advance A next year and start in AA as Will Venable. Maybe they want to see him against tougher competition.

  24. 68 … interesting that Kahlil got a hit in the 9th, otherwise I think he’d have fallen below .250 :-)

  25. Unless the Padres have clinched or are way up in the West, Stansberry will sit, plain and simple. You don’t dick around in a pennant race.

  26. Have you seen the Beaver roster lately ? It is chock full of Single A guys (Schemmel, Hunter, Ruth, Woodard, Daigle, Faris, Teague) etc) . It’s the innovative KT style of minor league management(or he has no choice to fill the spots) – we will see if it works – but I like the concept. Give the kids a taste (especially the fringe guys like Daigle) and see if they step up with the challenge.

  27. #76 Ah, we will be able to dick around shortly. Stansberry will get starts soon.

  28. 74 … I’d be surprised if Hunter skips a level … he’s very young … there’s just a ton of roster shuffling going on right now … except for the guys at AA San Antonio as they head into some post-season games … I don’t think any significance can be extracted from Hunter’s “promotion” one way or the other …

  29. 77. it also allows them to see better (or at least more experienced) opposition without worrying about 40 man spots or ML service time…*grin*

  30. 76 … it’s not obvious to me that sitting a guy with such a huge platoon split at B(l)um is “dicking around” … I think BenB’s comment (#50) is quite valid …

  31. And as much as I appreciate Blum its not like we are taking Adrian or Jenga out of the lineup which would really be “dicking” around. I don’t want Marcus on the playoff roster if possible. Let’s see what Stansberry’s got.

  32. 76: Except, as shown in post 70, Blum can’t hit lefties. Stansberry should be able to, since he’s a righty. Except I just checked his splits and he was a lot better against righties in AAA, and the sample size, while small, isn’t tiny. I’d still rather start him against Davis tomorrow than Blum.