IGD: Padres vs Rockies (14 Aug 07)

Game #118
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (7-9, 4.15) vs Jeff Francis (13-5, 4.06)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

I understand that it is customary to panic when a team is three games out of first place with 45 remaining on the schedule. According to Wikipedia, “the word panic derives from the name of the Greek god Pan.” The Greek god, of course, is named after the Pan flute. Since some folks seem to believe that the Padres are sinking, this only seems appropriate:

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  1. Nice hustle Kouz. No GIDP Bardo!

  2. Kouz is apparently absolutely crushing his singles tonight.

    Bard flipped the coin before the game and it came up lefty.

  3. Nice AB Josh. Nice ABs Padres.

  4. And with everyone else hitting well, Silent L back to his roots.

  5. 53: Of course as soon as you say that Blum swings at the first pitch and ends the inning on a DP. :)

  6. Do we wait until the end of the season before we give Silent L his “L” back?

  7. Was Blum batting right-handed during that at bat?

  8. Hey all – anyone know why Adrian isn’t playing? I’m a little out of touch after a weekend in Vegas…

  9. 59: I’m guessing just a day off against a tough lefty to get the Kouz and Ensberg’s righty bats in the lineup.

  10. Fantastic outing by Maddux. Well done Greg.

  11. Not sure why Black is going to Meredith with an 8 run lead, but I like his decision to get Maddux here.

  12. Dodgers are getting hammered too. Man, this could be a GREAT nite for us.

  13. Nice of Black to get Meredith out of there after one pitch.

  14. Hey, Sledge draws the walk against the lefty. That means in his previous 2 at bats against lefties Sledge is OPS-ing 2.000!

  15. All right, guys, let’s save some of this patience and plate discipline for Aaron Cook on Thursday. We’re gonna need it.

  16. Ballgame. I have us at 17 shutouts now?

  17. 67: I believe that is correct. We have to keep up our pace of a shutout a week, ya know.

  18. I know that someone here will know or can point me to a reference, but has any Padre player hit 2 home runs in the same inning against the same pitcher?

  19. 67: That’s right and it’s incredible. The ballpark may suppress offense, but that’s still really impressive.

  20. And I think the Padres lead the National League in home runs this month. We have like 20, I’m pretty sure.

  21. 69: The 2006 Padres media guide doesn’t list 2 HR in an inning by a Padre at all (that’s not to say it hasn’t happened).

  22. 73 … thanks for the link, LaMar … very interesting.

    GY – Panic -> Flute -> Titanic … LOL!

    2007 Padres Baseball – Steady As She Goes? NOT! :-)

  23. hi nice post, i enjoyed it