IGD: Padres vs Rockies (14 Aug 07)

Game #118
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (7-9, 4.15) vs Jeff Francis (13-5, 4.06)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

I understand that it is customary to panic when a team is three games out of first place with 45 remaining on the schedule. According to Wikipedia, “the word panic derives from the name of the Greek god Pan.” The Greek god, of course, is named after the Pan flute. Since some folks seem to believe that the Padres are sinking, this only seems appropriate:

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  1. Still no Jenga. Since we’re going against a lefty, we get Blum out in left and NOG at second base. Last time that happened, Bobby Livingston dominated us. I miss Hairston and Jenga.

  2. Ensberg making his first career start at first base in the majors..

  3. The Pan-Titanic thing is pretty funny, Geoff.

    I don’t think the Padres are quite sinking, but I would say they are in the “new-moon in iceberg-laden water territory,” and quite possibly too big a ship with too small a rudder…

  4. NOG has had good success against Francis at least, geez though Blum as a corner outfielder is a sight to see…..seems like LF would be an easy place to see a massive off season upgrade

  5. Hot & humid today. Don’t think the ball is going to fly to well tonight for either team.

  6. Branyan hit a pinch three run homer to lead the Phillies to a 3-2 win today.

  7. It’s always nice to have the 1st run in.

  8. Woohoo Ensberg! Who needs Branyan anyway?

  9. It’d be even nicer to have Hairston back in the game.

  10. Nice that a Padre can at least hit a chest-high fastball right down the middle…

  11. Is it just me, or does Francis look like he’s still in High School?

  12. Okay, so the funniest thing about the pan-flute thing is that I can’t tell if the guy in front waving his arms is actually the conductor or some dude desperately trying to keep his balance….

  13. Nice stop by Maddux on that one.

  14. Kouz! Two third baseman are better than one. 8)

  15. 2 HRs, 2 runs in. Sweeeeeet.

  16. My biggest fear is that Matty V gets a more lucrative gig somewhere besides the Padres and we’re stuck with Steve Quis, night in — night out.

    Nice shot by Kouz.


  18. I guess Kouz is afraid of losing his job to Ensberg.

  19. #5: Proving me wrong is a good thing so far.

  20. All right, no double plays. Let’s clear the bottom of the order.

  21. The boys seem to be swinging it well early tonite. Coupled with the D’backs being down by seven runs, this could shape up to be a good nite.

  22. Good bunt on the 1st pitch.

  23. Maddux’s bunting technique is unbelievable.

  24. #16: Yeah, where has Matty V been lately? I hope nothing bad came of the St. Louis thing.

  25. Nice AB by Ensberg. Way to make him hurt for the walks tonite boys.

  26. This is fun. Some real nice approaches at the plate.

  27. Ensberg reminds me of ‘the Garv” – his stance and the way he runs around the bases when he hits a blast.

  28. Breaking it open early! Well done Pads!

  29. Looks like the Padres are starting to wake up this second part of the season given this past weekend and the first 2 innings thus far tonight.

  30. Very impressive inning thus far, with three full count walks after falling behind early in the count.

  31. Who says Khalil can’t draw a walk!

  32. Kouz with an excuse me single. Woohoo!!!!

  33. 2 runs off of a check swing. Go figure.

  34. The key to that inning was Geoff Blum drawing a walk after falling behind 1-2. Way to go Blum.

  35. Barrett on the DL = Padres busting out.

  36. 36: It’s all his fault!

  37. 37: LaForest tells really great jokes, loosening everyone up and allowing them to break out.

  38. Dodgers up 1 nuthin in the fourth. AZ lost.

    Hopefully Maddux can get out of this without trouble. Anytime we muff an IF fly like Ensberg did seems to haunt us.

  39. At least the error didn’t hurt us.

  40. Houston just tied it up in the fourth. 1st and 3rd with one out, lets see if they get more.

  41. #39: In Ensberg’s defense, there is a bank of lights straight up where he was looking for that can of corn.

  42. 42: Yeah I’m not pissed at all. That’s a tough play to make (tough error too). I’m just glad it didn’t end up hurting us.

  43. NOG GOT A HIT!

  44. Bunting class in session from the Professor…

  45. 41: Never mind, GIDP to end the inning.

  46. That was a nice cut for Greg!

  47. Inning ending DP, gotta love those.

  48. Especially when Maddux is already at 66 pitches through 4.

  49. Yes baby. From here on we will win.