IGD: Padres vs Giants (4 Aug 07)

Game #109
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Clay Hensley (1-3, 6.49) vs Patrick Misch (0-1, 4.91)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

What I listened to while driving from San Diego to Cooperstown and back:

  1. Nickel Creek, This Side
  2. New Pornographers, Twin Cinema
  3. Incubus, A Crow Left of the Murder
  4. Peggy Coolidge, Spirituals in Sunshine and Shadow
  5. Jason Falkner, Author Unknown
  6. Jimmy Eat World, Bleed American
  7. Jeff Buckley, Grace
  8. Rush, Snakes and Arrows
  9. Mozart, Symphony No. 25 in G Minor
  10. Hapa, Maui
  11. Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas
  12. Morcheeba, Big Calm
  13. Andy Summers, Peggy’s Blue Skylight
  14. Tom Waits, Heart of Saturday Night
  15. Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
  16. k.d lang, Ingenue
  17. Cowboy Bebop soundtrack
  18. Mozart, Symphony No. 40 in G Minor
  19. Heavy Vegetable, Frisbie
  20. Elliot Smith, Roman Candle
  21. Wilco, A.M.
  22. White Stripes, Elephant
  23. Tragically Hip, Live Between Us
  24. Thievery Corporation, The Cosmic Game
  25. Lots and lots and lots of NPR

Clay Hensley makes his first start for the Padres since May 2 against Washington. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could provide the club with a shot in the arm the way Justin Germano did when Hensley landed on the DL back in May.

Also, someone is chasing a record in this game. I haven’t heard much about it, so I can’t confirm, but it might have to do with home runs? Go Padres!

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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=AkrVyKX7xdoO7y43zSk9Onsm0bYF?slug=ap-bonds-hensley&prov=ap&type=lgns

    Hensley, who gave up No. 755 to Bonds, had minor league steroid suspension

    By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer
    August 5, 2007

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — Clay Hensley became an unusual footnote in baseball history when he served up Barry Bonds’ record-tying 755th home run Saturday night.

    While Bonds has been shadowed by suspicions of steroid use for several years, which some fans feel has tainted his chase for Hank Aaron’s home run record, Hensley got caught when he was in the minor leagues.

  2. 50: He did.

  3. Hairston fouled a ball off of his foot or ankle in his third at bat.

  4. 51: Was he still in the Giants organization then? I honestly don’t remember.

  5. 52: This means Barrett is the only healthy member of the bench remaining. And Blum is actually the only healthy guy that can play left field now. This is really, really bad.

  6. Re 54: I think it was just after we traded for him.

  7. I am glad (and relieved) that San Diego fans overwhelmingly cheered Bonds tonight.

  8. Classy fans and classy city ! I was listening to Sporting News radio a couple of days back and the late nights hosts guaranteed that the San Diego (or LA) fans would litter the field with debris and a cascade of boos would rain down if he hit a blast. Wrong !!

  9. With Bonds gone and both NOG and Blum in the game for us, both lineups look really, really ugly.

  10. They’re talking about former Padre catcher Brian Johnson now, who apparently talked with George Mitchell as part of his steroids investigation.

  11. GY, great to see Andy Summers on your list. Are you going to or have you seen The Police tour? I have a ticket for the concert in Amsterdam on the 14th of next month, a plane ticket from Kuwait to Amsterdam and a hotel reservation; I don’t have much faith and confidence in my management letting me use them without a whole lot of drama though. :-(

  12. Re 60: I heard that, and found it quite interesting.

    OT: Ensberg is having terrible at-bats today. Apparently Black just handed him the job after the game vs Arizona. I would rather have Kouz in there.

  13. 62: I hope Black hasn’t decided after roughly 10 plate appearances that Ensberg is his full-time starter at third base.

  14. 60:

    He did, and he did an interview with Jeremy Schap about it.

  15. Wow, Jake in to PH. And that brings in a reliever???

  16. Anyone understand why Bochy made a pitching change?

  17. Bochy, still a slave to the righty vs. righty matchup it seems.

  18. OK, that was weird.

  19. 67: I guess, but that was damn weird.

  20. Did he square around to bunt on a 3-1 pitch?

  21. Ball 1 to Winn sure was in the strike zone according to Game Day.

  22. 72: Winn watches three pitches in the strike zone go by, then gets a hit on the fourth pitch.

  23. 70 – I guess it was more for the matchup vs. NOG. But yeah, definitely weird.

  24. Cousins doesn’t like the high strike, huh?

  25. Just because a batter acts like the ball was going to hit him doesn’t make that pitch a ball.

  26. So who is left on the bench?

    Barrett, Bradley and Giles (with Bradley and Giles being unavailable), Germano, Maddux, Meredith and Wells?

    I guess Germano and Maddux are the next PH’s?

  27. 77: That sounds about right. How painful is Cameron getting caught off third now?

  28. The Cameron play sucks bad right about now.

    I think I’d throw Barrett up before the pitchers, depending on the situation…Blum is still in the game and could come in to catch if necessary (Bard/Barrett injury). At this point, if anyone got hurt someone would be outta position.

  29. 79: Blum’s really already out of position.

  30. That was actually a pretty good PA by Blum if you ignore swinging at that first strike way out of the zone.

  31. 82: Yep. He may not be hitting much better than our pitchers since he got here, but he’s still a significantly better hitter than any of them are.

  32. Wow…the curse of Barrett lives.

  33. Wow. That was an ugly, ugly, ugly AB by Barrett.

  34. 84: So, Masticore… that anything like a manticore?

  35. Meredith is sharp tonight.

  36. 86 – basically…it’s kinda a long story, but more or less yes.

    Not sure what’s gonna happen next now. Meredith is our last reliever. I would guess Germano is next in…

  37. 88: Well, now I’m interested. I guess Germano pitches the 14th if it goes that long (I imagine Cla can go two).

  38. Hopefully Giles can actually do something positive leading off the 12th. I won’t hold my breath.

  39. If Germano has to pitch (tomorrow’s starter), do we bring someone up for the start?

    Mike Thompson pitched on the 1st, so he’d be on short rest. Cassel would be slated to start Sunday for Portland I believe, but he’s not on the roster. This could be interesting.

  40. 90: I should really disparage Marcus more frequently. Winning run on base now. And he follows up with a stolen base.

  41. 91: Hopefully Germano doesn’t have to pitch tonight.

  42. 89 – Agreed on Meredith.

    Well, this is a good start at least. Barrett’s not around, so I like our chances to take it here.

  43. Sac Bunt… Probably the right play. Hopefully Bard can come through with the sac fly here.

  44. Maybe they walk Bard here to play for the DP?

  45. 95: Okay, hopefully Gonzalez can come through with a sac fly.

  46. 96 – walk him too, to go after Khalil it seems.

    Khalil should be able to get a fly ball and end this…

  47. 97: Okay, hopefully Greene can come through with a sac fly.