IGD: Padres vs Astros (19 Aug 07)

Game #123
time: 1:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (8-9, 4.00) vs Matt Albers (3-5, 5.99)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

A little haiku for your dining and dancing pleasure…

request to Padres:
please don’t make me fall asleep
again at Petco

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  1. A sweep by the Astros would be tough. Can Az please just loose once.

  2. Braves are up 5-2 in the fourth. Escobar just went yard, to go with Teixeira’s two homers. Petit is getting torched.

  3. Arizona loads the bases in the ninth, but the Braves hold on to win, 6-2.

  4. I’ve had enough Lance Berkman for one year…

  5. how the heck did Berkman hit that out? Off the bat it looked like an easy pop up to left.

    Also it’s a really bad sign to see them strand OG right there.

  6. Yeah, that was a brutal at-bat by NOG. Adrian hit the ball hard but right at Lamb. If NOG makes contact and Adrian’s shot is a little higher…

  7. Adrian’s hit was bad luck. He hit it hard but unfortunately it was just right at their 1B. That just seems to be like how it’s been going lately.

  8. I’m really not too confident in today’s lineup. Greene, Mackowiak, and Sledge right where the power part of the lineup should be. I would prefer to see Kouz hit cleanup then Greene.

  9. Bard complains way too much (arguing balls & strikes) when he is at the plate. Most catchers will keep from showing up umpires so as to protect their pitchers on the same close calls….

  10. 9: Yeah, but that pitch was well outside.

    Batting the worst hitter second has really hurt today. Black should stop doing that.

  11. And now I’ve had enough NOG for one year.

    #9: Really? I’ve generally been impressed by Bard’s restraint in those situations. The pitch he was called out on in the second missed by quite a bit.

  12. But it is like NOG is calculating, what is the worst thing I can do now?

    First inning, the K fails to move up the runners.
    The third, his ground ball might have moved up OG in the first, is now a tailored 643.
    I wish he could suck in less destructive ways.

    Some confusion about OG’s base running. In the first, he puts a ball to the wall that outfielders have to run a long way to get. I assumed that was going to be a triple, but he pulls up at second.

    Then, in the 3rd, he chops one into LF, long run for the OF, and Maddux can even take 3rd, the throw going straight without cut-off. Why did he not advance to second and take away the DP? Nice hitting but a little hustle might have gained us a run or two.

  13. Ridiculous play by Lamb to rob Mack.

  14. #12: Lane got to the ball pretty quickly in the first and you don’t want to make the first out at third. In the third, I’m not sure you can assume that the throw is coming to third base. Hard to fault OG on either play.

    On another note, Kouz crushed that ball. I thought it was leaving yard. Oh well, two runs are nice…

  15. What is the scouting report on 23 year old AAAer Yordany Ramirez ?
    Do the Pads see him as a player who could contribute soon at the mlb level ?
    I was listening to the Beavers radio network the other night and the interviewer, Beaver broadcaster Rich Burke, led off the interview by raving about several nice plays that Ramirez made defensively over the last few games. Also, he seems to be hitting as well as displaying some speed in terms of stolen bases.

  16. #15: Ramirez is a good defender who doesn’t hit enough to play regularly in the big leagues. He might have a career as a fourth or fifth outfielder in the vein of, say, Kerry Robinson. IMHO, Ramirez has a bit of work to do before he even gets to that point…