IGD: Padres vs Phillies (21 Jul 07)

Game #96
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: David Wells (5-5, 4.15) vs Jamie Moyer (7-8, 4.99)
pre: Padres.com | SI.com

The first time these two guys faced each other came on April 12, 1990, at the Toronto SkyDome. Jamie Moyer started and gave up four runs in six innings, taking the loss. David Wells worked a perfect eighth in support of current Baltimore Orioles GM Mike Flanagan.

Also, there is an astrologer named David Wells. I had no idea…

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  1. If you’re going to be @ Tony’s induction ceremony in Cooperstown next Sunday, be sure to drop a comment here …


  2. Estes with 4 nice innings for the STORM last night …


    Also see that Keoni Ruth is now up with the STORM … Culp with his first good outing since getting promoted from Ft Wayne … more nice offense (as usual) from Kyle Blanks …

  3. Is anybody else watching the Dogs/Mets game? Matty V is doing the play by play for Fox Sports. Did he defect to the Dark Side?

  4. #4: Just talked to GY and got an answer. Matt does the Saturday games for Fox. That is why he wasn’t doing the Padre game last night.

  5. Im at the game tonitw. They just finished unveiling the statue. It was a really cool moment and im so glad im here. Hopefully the padres can do tony proud and come away with a win

  6. What happened with the memory master (hi-RAM)? Did he get claimed on waivers?

  7. Allright, I’m getting really sick of reading “Padres player X lines out to Phillies player X”. Stop hitting line drives. Hit bloop singles.

  8. The days off worked miracles! NOG draws a walk! Although, that was a time where we actually wanted him to be aggressive and drive in the run. Although, there actually is a lot of value in clearing the pitcher this inning so OG leads off next inning, so all in all I’ll take it.

  9. Once again, player on second with no outs, and he remains there all inning. What happened to moving runners with sacrifice hits? Ugh.

  10. We’re down by 3 runs. We can’t waste outs on intentional sacrifices, especially since it’s the bottom of the order, so each hitter is getting successively worse.

  11. Jesus Christ! Why can’t they just put filters on the storm drains and let us live our freaking lives!?!?!?

  12. #12 – not watching TV, but I’ll guess that’s in reference to a Surfrider Foundation commercial??? But I’m laughing pretty damn hard, ’cause without context, it sounds like you’re wearing a tinfoil hat, Steve.

  13. 5.5!!!!

  14. Padres notes are up, good stuff … something on Boca


  15. ryan howard owns boomer. :-( and it really makes me sad to watch khalil be ineffective with men on

  16. 13: lol, after I posted that I did figure that anyone not watching the TV would be like ‘WTF?’

    They had some guy on from Think Blue SD – a storm drain watchgroup… now, I know we’re not supposed to pour paint thinner down the storm drain… but now he’s saying we can’t hose off our drive ways, put chemicals on our grass, or even put too much water down the storm drain. Next thing you know they’ll only allow us to dump bottled water.

  17. Boomer is getting lit up tonight. WTF?

  18. He’s old and he kind of sucks. More concerning is, why isn’t Moyer getting lit up?

  19. Because our offense sucks of late.

  20. Sorry Guys,
    We sucked even harder tonight. My apologies.

  21. hey, KG, yeah, you and the team really did suck. some line outs, some tight calls to boomer ahead of HR’s:

    looking at gameday:

    both utley and burrell (ahead of howard and helms) had calls that boomer had a legit grievance on

    the combined 0-10 from the consecutive at bats from KG, KK and MGiles did not help much. the upper part of the order was OK.

    I am glad we got Barrett and Bradley, but the holes in our line up always seem to have new ones when old ones close; KK finally comes around, MGiles starts flailing. AGon is looking like he is getting out of his slump, how KG is looking kind of crappy.

    The match today is about as good as we can get.

  22. Did you just see that play I made? Bitchin…….
    I’m going surfing…..screw this game.