IGD: Padres vs Mets (16 Jul 07)

Game #91
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: David Wells (4-5, 4.31) vs Jorge Sosa (7-3, 3.92)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

As a team, the Mets do most of their damage during the game’s second act. They’re batting .294/.352/.477 in innings 4-6 this year. Unfortunately for the Padres, David Wells tends to implode in the sixth (.326/.356/.651), which happens to be the best scoring inning for the Mets.

Meanwhile, Jorge Sosa is pitching way better than anyone had a right to expect. That said, he still has occasional lapses in command and his own kryptonite inning (opponents are batting .371/.389/.629 against him in the fifth).

The strategy is always the same when Wells starts: give him runs and get him out of there before anything bad happens. Easier said than done. Go Padres!

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  1. When we need a sac bunt…shouldn’t we just put Maddux out there?

  2. Not pretty….but we’ll take it.

  3. Aargh, what’s going on? Yahoo barfed…

  4. 53: I guess that was luck balancing out considering the mis-direct that managed to get Barrett at home.

  5. A hit here would really do Aid a world of good.

  6. Full count to Adrian. C’mon Adrian, go old school here.

  7. Damnit Adrian. We need you to come through there.

    I thought he was pulling out of his slump :-(

    Crossing my fingers in the hopes that Liney can put up a zero…

  8. Did the Phillies miss the plane to LAX? Or are they just that desperate to get off that 10,000 number?

  9. Nice solid inning of work from Liney there. We need more of that from him.

  10. nice 1-2-3 for scotty

  11. 61. Big assist from Kouz on that second out. That ball was scorched.

  12. Cameron goes yard. Dead center. He crushed that ball.

  13. CAM!!! NICE!!

  14. Insurance runs are fun!


  16. Another productive game from Milton. Base knock, a walk, and a run scored.

  17. A “soft” save for Hoffman would be good.

  18. Horrible swing by Khalil, but some great baserunning by Bradley to take third. I love his hustle.

  19. Khalil Ks but Milty gets to third. I hope he’s OK, he looks a little tired at third.

  20. Khalil just hates to be walked.

  21. #69: Or a rare HVC sighting…

  22. 70: He just doesn’t want his BA to get above .250. I’d love so much for him to finish with a .270 average, but that’s going to require a little more consistency out of him.

  23. come on black call the sac bunt!

  24. by the way answering about Henderson if you ask him he will say that “Rickey is the greatest of all time”

  25. Branyan just missed that. Hit the ball off the end of the bat and it still carried to the warning track in center. Dude is ridiculously strong.

  26. Branyan is so incredibly strong. That ball damn near went out. Unreal.

  27. Poor Kevin Cameron. He can’t bribe his way into a ballgame.

  28. Five runs on the board tonight…and Brian Giles does not have a base on balls or a run scored. Kinda surprising.

  29. Who is this “Kevin Cameron” you speak of??

  30. I’m convinced that this might be true… someone was telling me Cla Meredith is like Scott Proctor…

    -they share the same number (43)
    and they appear in an exorbidant amount of appearances (43 today for Meredith, 47 entering today for Proctor)


  31. 2 down. Bring it home boys!

  32. GY, could you do an analysis of the offensive averages for the Padres pre and post-Bradley? I have a feeling that our numbers are looking up.

    Our abysmal record of late has more to do with our pitching faltering than our offense not coming through.

  33. Nice win. Jake tomorrow.

  34. The last two games have been encouraging. Hopefully we can keep it up.

  35. That was satisfying. I really didn’t expect a win with tonight’s matchup. The Mets helped, especially early on, but our guys turned the screws when they needed to and got the job done.

  36. Boomer apparently threw a knuckler four times tonight with decent results. Barrett even said he couldn’t really catch it in the bullpen when Wells was warming up. I guess this means we have to package Bard and Meredith to try and entice Boston to give us back Mirabelli.

  37. #15 wrote: “so, should henderson be a unanimous first ballot hall of famer? seems like he has a pretty strong case….”

    Nobody’s ever been “unanimous” as others have pointed out, but Rickey deserves it as much as anybody. When he retired he was the all-time leader in walks, steals and runs scored. That’s pretty amazing. How many other players in the history of baseball were career leaders in 3 significant categories at the time of their retirement?
    Rickey was one of the 10 best players in baseball history, easy.

  38. 87: Exactly. We’ve put ourselves in a great position to win a series against one of the best teams in the league. Can’t complain about that.