IGD: Padres vs Braves (7 Jul 07)

Game #86
time: 12:55 p.m. PT
tv: FOX
sp: David Wells (4-5, 4.16) vs Jo-Jo Reyes (0-0, –)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

Day game for the Padres. You know, so the big network can broadcast their game against the Braves, help those guys get a little national exposure…

David Wells looks to continue his success at home (.260/.305/.357, 2.56 ERA in eight starts), while Jo-Jo Reyes makes his big-league debut for Atlanta. Go Padres!

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  1. DING!

  2. That was fun!

  3. Wow – Chevy player of the game = entire Padres offense. Not too often you could even think of that being the case.

    I love wins. It’d be great to take the series tomorrow and end the first half on a high note.

  4. Victory! In which the offense scored a bunch of runs!

  5. Good show by the Padres. Wells’ ejection and a shaky outing by Bell get out-weighed by some timely hitting (and 3 innings by Brocail!). How nice would it be to win 50 games before the All-Star Break?! Here’s to a nice outing by Maddux and the ‘pen tomorrow.

  6. Josh Geer with a good outing at San Antonio …


    … Chase was 0-for-2 with 3 BBs …

  7. Fun game; we were in Sect. 316. A few quick notes:

    –I’m amazed that today is the first time Wells has been tossed this year; he makes a pretty big show of his displeasure with the strike zone at least once a game and it finally cost him.
    –Tremendous performance by Brocail coming off the DL and working three solid innings to keep the Pads close.
    –The catch by Bradley was insane. It looked like Cameron’s ball, but for Bradley to grab that thing barehanded after it came loose — just wow…
    –Khalil now leads the team in homers.
    –Kouzmanoff’s at-bat in the seventh was great. He just kept battling until he got something he could drive. It may have been his best at-bat of the season.

    Ah, good times…

  8. I also find it somewhat appalling that Heath Bell was credited with the win despite being the Padres’ least effective pitcher. Oh well, rules are rules…

  9. 110: Personally, I thought it was only fair that I get a win out of that after he messed up my ERA & WHIP.

  10. According to XX’s Chris Ehlo and his lip reading work, the ump told Boomer to “get his fat ass back on the mound.”

    If the “fat ass” part of that is accurate, Boomer had every right to be that upset. Boomer was questioning, but didn’t seem to be aggressive or antagonistic until that.

    We were at the game as well, sitting in the third row on the Porch. I really liked those seats. The way it juts out, you feel like you’re surrounded by the field. Nice little breeze coming from the opening behind home plate also, the same wind corridor that makes those Premier Club seats so bloody cold on April evenings. Great for a July afternoon.