IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (15 Jul 07)

Game #90
time: 1:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Justin Germano (5-3, 3.90) vs Brandon Webb (8-6, 3.37)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

Brandon Webb’s GB/FB ratio is down a bit this year (3.18). That’s still extremely good, but it’s not as freakish as it was in ’05 (4.34) or ’06 (4.06).

Webb is no less effective now than he has been the past couple seasons, so this downward trend might not mean anything. Then again, it might…

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  1. Thank god it’s a different day today….

  2. It appears that we’ll remain in second, even if we win. The Giants are on their way to losing their 11th straight at home against LA.

  3. Nice hit by Adrian. We need more of that.

  4. Let’s not wait until it’s a save situation to get Brocail out of there….

  5. #54: No, let’s wait until the game is over. :-)

  6. last 8 games Bard started: Pads 7-1, opp avg 2.0 Runs
    last 11 games Barrett started: Pads 2-9, opp avg 4.9 Runs
    Better with Bard’s pitch calling than Barrett’s offense.
    Go Pads!

  7. Lotsa guys gettin’ lotsa hits for Eugene tonight …


    … rats, I was hoping to go to this game …

  8. I dunno anything about who is the source for this, but here’s one view of the trade rumors …


  9. A funny comment by Joe Sheehan at BP re: Padres vs Dodgers from here on out …

    A tough call here, as I liked the Dodgers before the season, and the Padres do have some holes. It really comes down to Kevin Towers vs. Ned Colletti, and that’s the kind of mismatch they take off the board in Vegas.


  10. The Mariners DFA’ed Jake Woods tonight. I hope the Padres make a claim for him.

    He’s left-handed, and could be a decent starter.

  11. 62 … why would the Mariners DFA an LHP that “could be a decent starter”?

  12. Blanks with HR #18 tonight as Lake Elsinore STORMs into the High Desert …


    … the top 8 hitters in the lineup drew 12 walks … that, plus 13 hits (7 for extra bases) led to 15 runs … YOWZA! Doesn’t look like they missed Antonelli and Huffman tonight!

  13. 65 … Freese cap’d off his 4-for-6 night with a 3-run HR (#13) in the 9th … STORM end up winning 21-5!

  14. Among Padres with at least 20 PA, Brian Giles has the highest wOBA. It feels like he’s done that rather quietly.

  15. 56: Those kind of numbers are fun, but practically meaningless.