IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (13 Jul 07)

Game #88
time: 6:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (7-6, 4.19) vs Doug Davis (5-10, 4.26)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

Over the All-Star break, between episodes of Enterprise, I visited the Museum of San Diego History on Free Tuesday. I didn’t spend a lot of time there (a few too many busloads of kids), but it was enough to gain an appreciation of what the Historical Society has to offer. Among many other things, the Society boasts an impressive collection of sports history photographs. Two of my favorites are a shot of a local team from 1887 and one of Lane Field.

I always enjoy viewing old photographs. They help me keep things in perspective.

Welcome to the second half of the season. Let’s get it started on the right foot. Go Padres!

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  1. Wow he froze Khalil on that one

  2. Must be nice for the D’backs to get those calls eh? That K to Khalil was off the plate. I’m sorry, but if the catcher’s mitt snaps back, that’s a freaking ball.

  3. Thats another one of thos pitchers that you gotta swing at and fould off with 2 strikes. It looked pretty close to me on the replay.

  4. Ya i just watched it again, thats a strike for sure he didnt even snap the glove back, he just froze Khalil on the pitch.

  5. On the replay they showed on FSN AZ, you clearly see the catcher’s mitt move back to home after receiving the ball. Maddux has thrown the exact same location for a ball. What kind of freaking conistency is that? And it’s not as if Davis has been painting the corners all nite.

  6. Where did that pitch to Byrnes miss? That’s a better pitch that Khalil got K’ed on. You can’t tell me that! F’ing ridiculous strike calls.

  7. On ch 4 it doesnt even look like it hits the black, its right over the plate. maybe its the angle, I dunno but you gotta think its the same camera. Either way brocail just got a call right back to end the inning.

  8. SDSU, white flag waived…not sure why I’m so touchy besides the score.

    re:52 Neve really tried that much myself. I seemed to get better results “folding” the glove the right direction and holding it still. If you actually move your arm, most umps seem to catch you doing it.

    …and yet I see it happen four or five times a year when an obvious “snap-back” gets a call…

  9. I’ll admit that I tend to be overly defensive of Khalil, but I thought he had the right approach that at-bat given Davis’ inconistency. That looked like a ball to me, but I’m only watchin from home…

  10. 58: Did he snap it back? My eyes must be fooling me. I am not seeing that at all. The umps really shouldnt be watching the glove anyway right? I mean can they really even see the glove where they are at?

  11. WOW Cheo rushed that thing

  12. Holy shit! Cruz hit a HR left-handed! Stop the presses!!!!

  13. That rob-job to OG is looking awfully painful right now. Hopefully we can make up the deficit.

  14. off the bat it looks like a pop up, Giles looked like he crushed his, yet Cruz sents it 10 rows deep

  15. C’mon Marcus, do something useful.

  16. Gotta love Brian’s slap singles, I really like him in the lead off spot he is like a stumpy Ichiro

  17. God damnit Marcus! The f’ing Padres frustrate the bejesus out of me!

  18. Its really time for Buddy to think about moving Marcus, I would had felt much better with Bradley up there, like we had a chance at a 2 out rally. We need to score next inning, I dont want to see Valverde…

  19. Technically speaking, with Adrian, Cameron, Bradley, we should feel confident.

  20. This game is just a case study in bad luck, right? All SEVEN runs have come with two outs. Can you freaking believe that!?

  21. I’m rubbernecking this game like a bad car crash.

  22. 70: It’s freaking amazing what they have done with two outs AND runners in scoring position. We haven’t made the pitches obviously, but it’s still hard to swallow when we do the EXACT opposite.

  23. Our team ERA has ballooned over these past four or five games. Our pitching has looked decidedly less sharp lately. Please tell me CY is pitching tomorrow. Please?

  24. To be honest I am just hoping that we go 5-5 over the next ten games. Lose this series, take two of three from the Mets and split with the Phillies. It’s a rough stretch on the schedule. But I am worried about the starting pitching. Maddux is in a swoon. Wells is like Gump’s box of chocolates, and Germano may be turning back into a pumpkin. The more I hear it, the more I like the idea of somehow prying Loretta and Jennings away from Houston.

  25. Bradley has been such an asset. He’s shown beautiful discipline.

  26. C’mon Spicoli…we need runs!

  27. Damnit Khalil! We need a base knock there!

  28. We got screwed on that one. I didn’t need to see the replay to know he was out. That sucks.

  29. 78: The umpires haven’t cost us the game tonite, but they sure haven’t helped.

  30. #79: Agreed. Just adds insult to injury.

  31. Wow. I just checked the score and noticed we have a triple, two homers, more walks than K’s on offense, and yet only 3 runs. That is impressive.

  32. Great…Silent L

  33. We need to bat around now to give Kouz the chance to hit for the cycle!

  34. Ok, not getting off to a great start in the attempt to do so by hitting Blum here.

  35. At least Kouz had a nice game. In the future whenever I think bad things about Black’s managing, I’ll just remember how he stuck with Kouz through that dreadful April.

  36. Painful game. I am really starting to hate the umps. They did not decide the game, but the inconsistency on balls and strikes and the odd call at first. They always ring up the runner when it is close. This was close, but he was out.

    I am worried that because Alderson took on the unions when he worked for baseball, the umps will definitely make more bad calls against us. They hate him, and they are taking it out on our team.

    Umpire rant done, for now…

    DBacks rant: they outplayed us, but are so lucky as well. Clustered hits, all the runs coming with two outs, most coming in innings when they had 2 outs and no one on.

    Batting lines: avg/obp/slg/ops

    SD: 265/342/529/872
    AZ: 405/452/541/993

    So they substantially outhit us, but not by 5 runs.

    I am starting to resent Maddux for being just a little too relaxed. Still a master, HOF first ballot, etc, but I would forgive his loss in stamina if I had a sense he had any serious work out regime in place.

    Also, while I am rambling, Milton at times reminds me of a young Tony Gwynn; his swing, his build, his speed, his defense.

    I love that trade.

  37. Do you suppose anyone else’s #8 hitter is hitting .307/.365/.536 since May 10? Kouzmanoff has been our second best hitter (behind Cameron (.403)) since opening the season 9 for 83. After Kouzmanoff (.385) there’s a pretty big drop-off to Branyan (.336), Bard (.333), Greene (.323), B. Giles (.323), Gonzalez (.323) and Bocachica (.309) who are all pretty closely grouped together. (wOBA since May 10)

  38. This aligns with my expectations …

    Towers: Deal for a big bat unlikely


  39. Another *BIG* day for Yefri (the Great) and the ultra-mini-Padres …


    I’m pretty sure that one result of a college-heavy-draft-strategy for a couple of years running is that we’re stocking this Rookie-level squad with guys are prolly a bit old for the league … but, hey, you do what you gotta do, and Yefri certainly ain’t “old” … and it’s good to get him a *ton* of ABs and experience getting Ws …

  40. MadFriars reported this yesterday …

    the Padres just signed RHP Corey Kluber out of Stetson – 4th round pick – due in Eugene in the next few days