IGD: Padres vs Orioles (21 Jun 07)

Game #71
time: 12:35 p.m. PT
tv: none
sp: David Wells (3-4, 4.86) vs Erik Bedard (4-4, 3.64)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

David Wells pitched for the Orioles in 1996. Went 11-14 with a 5.14 ERA.

Wells’ teammates on that club included Hall of Famers Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray; Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell; San Diego native Brady Anderson; and ex-Padres Roberto Alomar, Manny Alexander, Pete Incaviglia, Mark Parent, Eugene Kingsale, Randy Myers, and Jesse Orosco.

There truly is no escaping Alexander. He batted .103/.141/.103 in 73 plate appearances that year and even made his lone big-league pitching appearance: faced seven batters, walking four and serving up a grand slam to Kevin Elster.

Relevance? Hey, I gotta talk about something. Go Padres!

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  1. 98: Because one game is the difference between losing a play-off series 3-2 or 2-3 (or worse yet 3-4, instead of 4-3).

    My comment during the Braves series was that the Padres were unable to dominate the weaker teams in the league (e.g., sweeping last place teams instead of settling for a series win). Yes we swept a first place team (the Brewers) and a good team (the Dodgers), but we’re going to lose series to good teams at least half the time, so we better pad our record by sweeping the crummy ones.

  2. 98: I actually wanted the Padres to sweep the Orioles and the Red Sox.
    Half of my wish can still happen. :)

  3. I don’t buy 101. Last year, in the second half alone, the Cardinals were swept by the Cubs, Pirates, and Astros, lost three out of 4 to the Diamondbacks, and lost two out of three to the Nationals. It is about winning enough to make the playoffs, and winning when you need to win in the playoffs. No more. No less.

  4. 103: The 2005 Padres went into the play-offs as the underdog and got swept. The 2006 Padres went into the play-offs as the favorites and came close to being swept.

    I don’t want to go into the 2007 play-offs hoping we can repeat the Cardinals performance (e.g., back into the playoffs and then counting on the theory that anything can happen in a short series – 1984 and 1998 make me dubious).

    It is about winning enough to make the playoffs, and winning when you need to win in the playoffs. No more. No less.

    The Padres have shown the former ability over the past two years. They haven’t shown the latter.

    With the NL West being much better then past years, winning enough to make the playoffs is a much bigger ask this year then past years. Trouncing weaker teams makes it much easier to do that.

  5. 104: That’s nice on paper and principle. However, even a bad team don’t lose all the games they played. The Padres faced their best two starters in the last two games and lost and looked bad doing it.

    It’s baseball, what are you gonna do? Can’t win them all. The Friars are still in first place of NL West. Look at the bright side, the Padres should be fired up to sweep the Red Sox after this.

    Go Padres!

  6. Exactly Didi. You don’t always trounce other teams, and you occasionally lose series to bad teams. This Padres team has been more consistent than any since 1998 in winning series, and all of this rottenness is coming out because they were swept by Seattle – not a bad team at all; and beaten 2 out of 3 by a bad Orioles team, both at home. Sometimes, the matchups don’t favor you – like they didn’t in this series; sometimes, the sun shines on . . .

  7. Yes, you’re right. We’re not going to always come out on top every series. We’ll see some stats sometime soon about our record vs. winning teams and losing teams and I guess as long as both of them are above .500, you can’t ask for much more.

    I guess I’d rather be good then lucky. I have some control over the former. I have none over the latter.

    I remember hearing a stat 20 years ago about the best way to determine how good a team was by the number of games they won by five or more runs. Close games are a matter of luck and maybe the Padres have just been unlucky thus far in the season (the XW-L and one-run game record would imply that).

  8. 107:

    And even though we’ve been unlucky in those games, our team is good enough to be in first place in the West and widely acclaimed as the best team in the NL. We’re going to be fine. This team is going places…

  9. 6 … a Cub-fan-friend of mine says …

    Oddly enough, the Cubs are still going through with those promotional activities.

    … that org is bizarre …

  10. 100 … why the “Nope”? 97 looks GREAT … what’d you do to get the “table” to format like that?

  11. A nice read at THT:
    Perhaps, the Padres can acquire somebody from this list that can play LF.

    109: Maybe, they’ll paint on some bruises and scars on the bobbleheads and mark the boxes ‘TRADED’. That’d be funny. ;)

  12. LM,
    the Beavers are getting another day of rest. They could be rusty. :)

  13. 110 … OK, I did a “view source” … let’s try something …

    aaaa 1 2
    b 3 44
    cc 4 555

    … and yes, i see that you can see it looking good in the “Preview” section below … cool …

    Here’s the “trick” … before the ‘table’ of data, type in this (without any spaces) …

    … and then after the ‘table’ of data, type in this (again, without any spaces) …

    … and then extra spaces won’t be removed and it looks like you get a fixed font … cool!

  14. 113 … Oh, why did 97 work but 113 didn’t???

  15. 114 … it’s eating any/everything that looks like an html tag … in 113 … but somehow the “pre” and “/pre” tags got into 97 …

  16. 112 … Beavers don’t get rusty … they keep themselves “busy” :-)

    Interesting that they beat each team in their bracket … no way they are a better team than either Rice or UNC … but then again they weren’t a better team than UVA or ASU, but that didn’t stop them from “survive and advance”!

    UNC up 3-2 after 3 …

    Either way it’s a rematch of last year … Oregon St beat Rice 2 times to get to the Champ Series vs UNC … Go Beavs!

  17. #114: I went in and tweaked at the back end. Then once I’d opened that can of worms, I figured out how to allow the pre tag in comments. Next up, making it look nicer…

  18. #117: Not to get too geeky on everyone (here? never!), but I went ahead and slapped a border around the text so it looks more like a table. Suggestions welcome. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or just don’t care, please kindly go on about your business. 8)

  19. 110 – Geoff did it. Prior to that, it was the standard HTML “spaceless” text.

    117 – Thanks for fixing that!

    While you’re at it :-) , I ripped off the Padre relievers of a third of an inning, which lowers their ERA for the series to 10.38. It’s still yucky, but not quite so much so….

  20. 118 … putting the border on makes it render poorly for me … now the ERAs are wrap’d to a newline …

    117 … based on 113, it wasn’t allowing the pre tags at 454pm … let’s try again …

    aa        1     2
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    … that looks OK in the “Preview” … let’s see if it makes it out …

  21. 120 … yipee! so, the trick is to simply put “pre tags” around your “table data” … you see this by doing a “View” + “Source” from your browser … here’s an attempt to show you …

    aa 1 2
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    … except replace the quotes (“) with brackets (“

  22. 121 … man, this is hard to describe/show, it keeps eating the brackets … in the above example, replace the quote before the ‘pre’ (and /pre) with a “greater than sign” (= SHIFT-COMMA) and the quote after the ‘pre’ (and /pre) with a “less than sign” (= SHIFT-PERIOD) … make sense?

  23. OT … UNC beats Rice … so the CWS Championship Series will be a rematch of last year … Go Beavs!

  24. The lead for the main story on padres.com reads: “Marcus Giles, Mike Cameron and Kevin Louzmanoff drove in runs…” Poor Kouz, he’s out for a couple of days and they forget how to spell his name.

  25. Dodgers win … http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/boxscore?gid=270621114 … which is bad news … but what’s interesting is that they did with a bit of an in-your-face move … Randy Wolf shows up in the box score as a DH … strikes me as kinda cool … it will spice up his entry @ baseball-reference.com :-)

  26. OG update from mlb.com …

    Outfielder Brian Giles took batting practice before Thursday’s game and hit several balls into the right-field seats. He will likely join one of the Padres Minor League affiliates in the next week on a rehabilitation assignment to get his timing back at the plate and to test the bone bruise in his right knee in a competitive situation. Black said on Thursday that the Padres are “still a ways away” from making a decision on when Giles will leave and where he’ll go.

  27. Ticket alert …

    Approximately 1,000 individual game tickets for this weekend’s series against the Red Sox will go on sale Friday at 9 a.m. PT. Tickets will only be available at http://www.padres.com. A majority of the tickets are for Sunday’s 1:05 p.m. game.

    … you’ve been warned … GO!

  28. Ah, this explains how/why Stansberry was picked for the Futures Game …

    Portland infielder Craig Stansberry was picked Thursday to play for the World team in the XM All-Star Futures Game on July 8 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Stansberry is a native of Saudi Arabia.

    … who knew?

    I gotta wonder if Headley woulda been picked if he wasn’t “up” on selection day? Surely so … and now I wonder if they send him back down and he can still get in that game? … or has his “future” already come and gone?

  29. Re: Milton Bradley

    I’d love to see the Padres acquire him. He’s a definite upgrade offensively on Cruz, plays some good defense, and should be available cheaply. The name is another huge plus. Getting him seems like it would be similar to the Barrett deal: marginal upgrade at little to no cost, and worst case scenario we end up with a draft pick next year.

    125: Sorry to disappoint you, Lynch, but Wolf only entered as a pinch runner for Olmedo Saenz after Saenz got a base hit.