IGD: Padres vs Mariners (9 Jun 07)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m. PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: David Wells (4-3, 4.79 ERA) vs Jeff Weaver (0-6, 14.32 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com

We’ve seen what happens when we talk smack about Geoff Blum. I’m not saying a word about Jeff Weaver. Go Padres!

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  1. B(l)lum got wood on the ball … enough to hit a foul pop into the stands by 3rd base … it’s a start, I s’pose …

  2. Bernie Carbo MoJo…believe it….

  3. And Silent L shatters two bats in the course of hitting one back to Putz…wonderful. 2 down.

  4. B(l)um hits 2 comebackers to the mound … first with his bat (saw’d off) … then with the ball … 2 down …

  5. 2 on none out for BOS in the desert 10th

  6. Per Matty and Mud, this is the biggest blown lead of the year if we can’t pull this out. Not often the ‘pen let’s go of a lead.

  7. sox with bases loaded..no outs..

  8. our pen is a bit overrated, I must say

  9. Fans making good noise!

  10. 159 … I tend to agree … but the results / stats have been outstanding!

  11. NOG keeps it alive with a W …

  12. 161. Totally, but I never feel comfortable. Nature of bullpens, i guess

  13. Putz’ first pitch to Cruz was 91-mph … down a bit … hmmm …

  14. varitek K’ed. Double play gets AZ out of the inning

  15. Cruz works count to 3-2 … hmmm … Adrian on deck … hmmm …

  16. strike 3 looking. calling it

  17. K … ball game …

    1st MLB W for Sean Green …

    M’s announcers are speculating that Putz will not be available for tomorrow’s game … for what that’s worth …

  18. Losing this series is a total gut punch. No other way to describe it.

  19. Ouch! Tough one to lose, especially to our dreaded rivals from the AL Great Northwest.

  20. Anyone know when XX radio kicks back on on-line?

  21. Lowell SF gets Bosox up 4-3 in 10th over D-backs …

  22. 121 … http://sandiego.padres.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20070609&content_id=2017116&vkey=news_sd&fext=.jsp&c_id=sd … says Freese’s HR was to RF … perhaps jesse was talking about this …

    Kyle Blanks hit his 12th home run off the façade of the second deck in left field.

  23. Paplebon in to face top of the D-back order in bottom of 10th …

  24. Another day in the books … Rox gain a game on all others in NL West as BoSox beat D-backs in day’s finale …

    Say goodnight, LynchMob … goodnight, LynchMob!

  25. Heard during the 9th inning,Ted:”And there’s the Ducksnorts group of 25″, Andy:”Excuse me”Ted: something like guzundheit,Andy:”Sounds like a Marx Brothers act”. I think I got that about right. I was on the freeway.Anyhow,RECOGNITION. Props to Geoff and I hope all had a good time.

  26. 173: It was definitely to left, he golfed it into the WMS building. Very impressive, as were Blanks and Antonelli’s shots.

  27. Amazingly Weaver suddenly got better. Who knew he was disguising a decent outing behind that 14+ ERA? How many times do the Padres have that bad luck of a lame pitcher suddenly finding his stuff in SD? What are the odds of this?

    Bitter sarcasm aside, our line up is making me very nervous. Giles’ last 11 games: 178/275/178. Yes, slumps happen, but when guys just hack during them, vs. being patient, it kills me. KG looks like a AAA hitter. Both Bowen and Bard are looking like back up catchers.

    Bell got totally screwed. Got an out, a strike out ruled a BB, a flair by Ichiro, a ground ball punted by AGon…; he deserved to get out of that with nothing wrong. Bad luck.

    Linebrink’s pitch was well out of the zone. Seemed like a good pitch to me, unless Sexton is a notorious low ball hitter, then horrible pitch to call.

    I am not upset with our relievers; they got unlucky. I am livid at the crappiness of our AB’s. KG’s swing to end our threat in 8th was absurd. I have trust in AGon and KK to consistently deliver good AB’s, but after that, I get frustrated.

  28. Good work holding down the IGD tonight guys. I was at both games, having made a very last minute (1:30 ish) decision to go, so I wasn’t able to meet up with everyone else. I tried to identify where they were sitting by listening for boos for Geoff Blum when he hit and looking for a section where the wave died. Alas, I had no luck.

    179: Great points. The bullpen did look good to me, even Brocail, who struck out two and was victimized by a bouncer up the middle. I don’t share your frustration with Bard and Bowen, since Bowen is a back up catcher and is hitting like one (.232/.342/.362), and Bard is getting unlucky (.280 BABIP despite a 20.2 line drive %; he has a 20/17 K/BB ratio).

    The Storm game was awesome. That top of the lineup is incredible. Antonelli was 3-6 with a double and homer to straight-away center, Freese hit the towering, game-tying homer off the Western Metal building, and Kyle Blanks went 2-3 with a homer, double, and 3 walks. Blanks’ double was a crushed line drive down the right (opposite) field line. Also, Kyle Blanks is huuuuge.

  29. That was an unfortunate game to be at. Saving grace was the free hat.

  30. Why oh why oh why was Boomer pitching in the 7th.


    With years of therapy I may get over the excessive use of B(l)ummer in the PH role, because Bud doesn’t really have all that much better. But our bullpen is typically incredible so Bud has no excuse for consistently keeping Wells out there past the 5th/6th when his stuff disappears.

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