IGD: Padres @ Giants (27 Jun 07)

Game #76
time: 12:35 p.m. PT
tv: none
sp: Greg Maddux (6-4, 3.84) vs Matt Cain (2-8, 3.46)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

How did David Wells and Greg Maddux end up back-to-back in the rotation again? I thought we agreed that the bullpen can’t afford that. The good news is that the Padres are off Thursday, so it shouldn’t hurt much this time. Still, not the best idea.

Like Wells, Maddux gets pounded once he reaches the sixth inning (.314/.338/.629 in 70 AB) or 76 pitches (.313/.368/.594 in 32 AB). Start getting those arms loose, and go Padres!

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  1. Three outs. Hoffman.

    Bonds … grabs some bench.

  2. Whew. Way to get the series guys. I was really concerned after the opener on Monday, but the boys bounced back well.

  3. Another series win.

  4. Excellent. All 3 games could have gone either way. Their tiger-style kung fu was strong, but our dragon-style kung fu defeated it.

  5. Way to Go Padres! Just saw the score. Had to work all darn day and couldn’t even check the box. I’ll read the comments by y’all tonight.

  6. Oh, just to temper down our disappointments in not having a good last homestand, the Angels just got swept by the Royals at home.

  7. #156. Um, yuck. Thanks for the perspective.

  8. 158: I lived in Anahiem for a couple years when I was a kid. Not at all surprised by a Royals sweep. The Angelitos has a good track record of playing down to other teams levels and choking at the end of the season.

  9. 157 … Didi, you crack yourself up?

  10. 159 … WARNING: Sarcasm ahead!

    Ya, I think what the Angels did in the 60′s and 70′s had more of an impact on their series vs Royals this week than does “luck”!


  11. 160: Apparently, I did … laughing at 154. No worries, no harm done. I’m fine. :)

  12. 161: Dang 60′s and 70′s huh?

  13. At the first and third games of this series. Tight games, very hard to relax, especially surrounded by opposing fans. Nice win today, despite lethargic bats, with the occasional jack. I believe that except for the two run error ALL of our runs in the series came off of HR’s. That is both good and bad.

  14. Here are some numbers:

    2007 – .448
    2006 – .576
    2005 – .592
    2004 – .625

    Those are the Padres records over the last 4 years in 1-run games. That pretty much destroy’s the theory that teams that are good in 1 run games are going to do well in the playoffs, as the 05 team was swept (and had a barely above .500 record) and the ’06 version didn’t stick around long either.

    In fact, I’d argue, that the Padres record in 1 run games in 2005 was pretty much proof that everything people were saying about the NL west was dead on. That team was out-scored by a pretty good margin, and would have been about a 76 win teams if it were’nt for luck in 1 run games. Given how our 1-run numbers have looked in the past few years, we were probably due for a regression. I’m not comfortable arguing that this team is significantly worse than any of the past three.

  15. And Cruz’s single in this game. But all 3 in game 1, all 3 in game 2, and 1 in game 3. So 7 of 10 runs. Seems like the team is defined by KG; low OBP, but intermittent, nice power.

  16. Cust hit a 3 run bomb today (#13 or #14 in how many at bats ? ) but he was not suited for the Padres because he cannot play defense.

  17. 167: What sucks is we got NOTHING for him

  18. 167: 13 HR, 33 RBI, .272 BA, 1.026 OBPS in 136 AB

  19. 167/168/169 … a week or so ago, we agree’d to stop beating this dead horse … but I know I broke that covenant a few times myself … hey, I like Jack … I always like’d Jack … I’m glad Jack is doing well for the A’s (they are the only AL team that I have any interest in, having attended Game 5 of the 1974 World Series when they beat the Dodgers) …

    168 … I’m pretty sure the Padres got some cash … it ain’t much, but it’s more than “nothing” … also, it should be noted, that we gave up NOTHING to get him! (he was cut by the A’s after the 2005 season)

    169 … I know he was DH’ing today …

    And I can tell you who the next Jack Cust is … Paul McAnulty … or at least I hope he is …

    It must be hard to look at a player in AAA and know how they will do in MLB … Jason Bay and Jack Cust some to mind as recent examples of guys that we (the Padres) “missed” … baseball skills seem fickle for players at the boundary between AAA and MLB …

  20. 170 … but I better say it before someone else does … the bottom line is that I don’t know Jack :-)

  21. 170: I am happy he is doing well too. I dont think P-Mac quite has the bat to hammer out HRs like cust has, but i think he would be a good AL player with a decent bat and servicable in quite a few positions

  22. 170: The question is could we have had Cust on the MLB roster for free as a replacement for Dunn, which will cost us quite a bit?

    What’s the difference in their defensive (in)capabilities? And would Cust have provided as much production at PetCo as some think that Dunn can?

    We keep saying we need a big bat and bandy about all the names we could trade for. I don’t remember when it started in earnest (e.g., before or after Cust got traded).

  23. 170: I’ll have to agree with 172, P-Mac is no J-Cust. Cust was thought of for a long time as a future big-time hitter. P-Mac hasn’t gotten that much love outside of this board. On the other hand, he wasn’t going to play regularly here, and we did get some money out of the deal. There’s not really much else to be said. We saw him as a AAA masher, most other clubs did too.

  24. 173: I think that Dunn is simply big and lumbering and not good defensively. Jack Cust was a legend for how bad of a defender he was all the way back to his prospect days in COL and ARZ.