IGD: Padres @ Dodgers (29 Jun 07)

Game #78
time: 7:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Chris Young (7-3, 2.08) vs Hong-Chih Kuo (1-3, 6.33)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

I guess Luis Gonzalez didn’t get the memo. You know, the one that says he’s washed up. Gonzalez is batting .350/.424/.624 over 132 plate appearances since May 21 and .301/.393/.500 overall. Russell Martin? Still a pain in the neck. Jeff Kent and Andre Ethier are doing okay, but the rest of the Dodgers offense is pretty dormant.

In an effort to get youngster James Loney more playing time (good idea), the Dodgers have moved Nomar Garciaparra to third base (bad idea), where his tepid .266/.306/.321 line wouldn’t seem to justify the injury risk of playing him at the hot corner. Garciaparra, the oldest 33-year-old in baseball, has one home run in 2007. That’s the same number as Friday night’s starter, Hong-Chih Kuo.

The Padres, meanwhile, welcome Brian Giles back to the lineup. Nobody seems to be expecting much from him, which is probably just as well. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed that he still isn’t the player he once was.

Chris Young? I feel like I should say something about him, but I’ve run out of superlatives. How ’bout if he just keeps doing what he’s doing. Yeah, that’ll work.

Go Padres!

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  1. The boys are swinging the bats well now. Any time you tell me that CY is pitching with a 5-run lead, I’d say that’s a good day.

  2. 43 … I love it when you do that … just like ol’ times!

  3. I’d like to see us get Adrian a little bit of a break and have him sit the rest of this one. He doesn’t look like he’s moving around that well.

  4. Klesko with an HR to get Gi’nts up 2-1 over D-backs …

  5. Furcal doesn’t look happy :-(

  6. 55: It is fun to watch the Giles brothers go in to second on the front half of a fielder’s choice or double play. Both of them play the game right.

    If Giles gets hit next time up, we’re going to have benches clear. It looked like Furcal was complaining about what Marcus did…

  7. At Eugene … Kulbacki with a triple … Cory Luebke with his debut (1 IP) …


  8. It hardly seems fair to have Colt Morton playing in the AZL … but it is what it is … and it’s gonna result in Ws like this sometimes …


  9. Chase Headley went back to AA San Antonio …


    … and has picked up right where he left off … HR #14 :-)

  10. And in game #2 of San Antonio’s DH, Nick Hundley show’d that he can be inspired by Chase Headley …


    … HR #10 on the season for him!

  11. It’s a *power* night all around …


    … Chad Huffman with HR #13 for the STORM!

  12. Even Cedric (the Great) gets into the act …


    … HR #3 on the season … and a *nice* outing by Nate Culp!

  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dodgers deal Loney for a bat before the deadline. He really looks like a good hitter.

  14. 58: Brannan with 2 scoreless innings in that AZL game as well…

  15. Way to shut ‘em down, CY.

  16. 63: I wonder how much of that is because people aren’t throwing him smart pitches?

    Kemp is also supposed to be a good hitter, but CY made him look foolish.

  17. Kemp has a bit more power, but strikes out a lot. I thought that the pitch that CY threw to him wasn’t that bad. Slider down and in. I don’t think it was a strike (although you’re not usually supposed to pitch lefties down and in).

  18. Kouz looks locked in tonight-even the pitches that he takes he looks confident on. I hope that he’s starting another hot streak

  19. Nice nite at the dish by Kouz.

  20. I’m not so worried about Loney at this point in his career….he hit .287/.345/.382 at AAA this year as a 23 year old in a hitters environment.

    Now if you told me the Dodgers would deal Kemp, Kershaw and Loney for Teixeria I’d be thrilled, especially after they started paying Teixeria 15M a year.

  21. Does anyone know what place in the batting order Barrett usually hit in Chicago? I’m trying to figure out where Uncle Milty will hit.

  22. If I remember KT on the radio today(welcome back to afternoon radio by the way)

    Connect 4

  23. Hendrickson is a little more erratic than I recall. Not complaining.

  24. 72: I’d be completely comfortable with that lineup.

  25. #71: Barrett split time between #5 and #6.

  26. At least Khalil didn’t break anything.

  27. Marcus i sa nice kid. After Pierre slides into his knee, he asks Pierre if he’s ok.

  28. Nah Marcus is a terrible human being and one of the worst 2nd baseman in baseball….he’s also boring to watch

    signed SDSUBaseball

  29. 78: lol. Not to be a dick, but that’s one of the mroe clever comments I’ve read today.

  30. Another nice AB by OG — he adds a different dimension to the Padres lineup.

  31. 78 – hilarious :)

  32. OG acting like a real leadoff hitter, stealing bases and everything

  33. Adrian continues to expand the strike zone.

  34. 83: Adrian is looking really lost at the plate right now. Hopefully the rest of the team can pick him up for a little bit.

  35. Damnit Luis Gonzales is annoying at the dish (I sorta wish we would have signed him for a decent deal to play LF)

  36. CY is friggin’ smokin’!

  37. I still can’t believe Luis Gonzalez got 7.5M for the season….must be nice to be the Dodgers

  38. There are certain players who I feel I can read their facial expressions… Strikeout, HR, unearned run, CY looks more like he stressed about an upcoming exam than a professional ballplayer who can throw a heymaker when needed…

  39. Khalil Greene is a golden god.

  40. KG with a nice out. Wow.

  41. Whoa, how does Khalil make that play?

  42. 72: Yeah, that’s a pretty tough lineup, especially if Milt can stay healthy and relaxed, Kouz continues to warm up and Greene lays off a breaking ball or two…

    I do like OG in the leadoff spot, and this makes life hard for opposing managers rigidly dedicated to L-R splits. But get ready for some two hour 7th or 8th innings when the Pads next play LaRussa and the Cards…

  43. 92: It’s those kinds of plays (which you can’t really statistically measure) that account for so much of my man-crush on Khalil.

  44. Khalil got robbed :-(

    Thanks a lot, Nomar.

  45. CY should probably be done here? (pretty high pitch count…)

  46. Has Furcal slowed down some, or was that just a really nice play by Adrian?

  47. 98: His ankle is still bothering him (at least that’s the excuse Vin’s giving), so take that for what it’s worth.

  48. #99: Makes sense. I mean, it was a nice play by Adrian, but I didn’t expect the return throw to get Furcal.