I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Trevor Hoffman delivers a pitch en route to career save #500
Padres watch from dugout in anticipation of Trevor Hoffman's 500th career save
Padres celebrate Trevor Hoffman's 500th career save
Petco Park scoreboard proclaims Trevor Hoffman's 500th career save

Ticket and commemorative stamp celebrating Trevor Hoffman's 500th career save

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  1. Great pictures Geoff, we were practically neighbors. I was in 302.

    I just posted a breakdown of Trevor’s 500th over at Friar Watch:

  2. Fun win, cool milestone. I wish we did not make it quite so close and have our bats stall, but I guess this was the way we it had to be for Trevor to get his 500th. Awesome.

  3. Great game last night, Hoffman can keep on piling ‘em up. Don’t think Mo Rivera can get to 500 based on his struggles early this year, but maybe he’s just having a slow start.

    Season series at 4-4 now. I know when we’re not even to midseason yet it’s hard to make a single game a “Big” game, but I think this one could be very important. Chances of us tying the Dodgers again in the standings at season’s end are there, so the season series could play a part again. Win tonight and we win the first half of the series at 5-4, forcing them to take 5 out of 9 to tie or 6 out of nine to win.

  4. WOW! Congrats, Trevor and Padres’ fans everywhere.

  5. Where were they giving away those Trevor Time stamps? I was at the game but I missed that. Too bad, would have made for a nice souvenir.

  6. Evan, they were stamping tickets on the way out. I got mine stamped at the 7th St. exit. Sorry you missed it…

  7. Do you know anyone who is selling the game ticket from Trevor Hoffman’s 500th save game? My email is david_yamane@hotmail.com