IGD: Padres @ Pirates (29 May 07)

first pitch: 4:05 p.m. PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: David Wells (2-2, 4.85 ERA) vs Tom Gorzelanny (5-3, 2.51 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com

The road has been unkind to David Wells so far this season. Opponents are batting .388/.449/.688 against him away from Petco Park. That’s sort of like 1942 Ted Williams.

But hey, it’s only four starts.

In other news…

Pitches per Plate Appearance
Player 2006 2007 Diff.
Stats are through May 28, 2007, and courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
NOG 3.88 3.33 -0.55
Greene 3.90 3.44 -0.46
Cruz 3.99 3.61 -0.38
Cameron 4.08 3.92 -0.16
Bard 3.70 3.56 -0.14
OG 3.67 3.54 -0.13
Kouzmanoff 3.74 3.78 +0.04
Gonzalez 3.90 4.09 +0.19

I’m not prepared to draw any conclusions just yet, but file under “I” for “interesting.” Go Padres!

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  1. 49: I like your ‘glass half full’ outlook Geoff.

  2. Oh, Green nice play. I’ll let you marry my daughter.

  3. The Claw’s first HR allowed this year.

  4. 53: Greene

  5. Wow, a Kevin Cameron sighting.

  6. 56: I think its just an illusion created by the machines to get us to work our brains harder.

  7. Kevin Cameron? I was starting to think he was as mythical as the Loch Ness monster or WMD. We’ve been playing one or two men short for the last month.

  8. Surprisingly effective for a guy who hasn’t pitched in a game in 2+ weeks.

  9. Pirates go to the lefty with Sledge due up. Right-handed bats on the bench: Bowen, Peavy, Maddux.

  10. I’d give my eye teeth – maybe one eye tooth – for a RH hitter worth a darn.

  11. How hard could it possibly be to find a right handed hitter capable of putting up a 750 OPS against lefties?

  12. Seeing Sledge bat against left handed pitching is painful ( 0 for 18 for the year against lhp). Pads are in absolute desperate need of any sort of right handed hitting off of the bench and for spot starts in left field or right. Heck, I am not picky. I would take Jerry Hairston Jr. to start in left rather than Sledge.

  13. I don’t expect an ALL STAR/big bat to be acquired by the Padres. But I don’t want them to settle for Sledge batting against left handed pitching.

  14. Craig Wilson was freely available recently. He would have been a fine fit. Somebody to start against lefties other than Sledge, and somebody to pinch hit against lefties other than Blum.

  15. Also, Branyan should have been pinch hitting for Robles there.

  16. Well, there’s always tomorrow.

  17. We appear to be terrified of changing the roster. Wilson was a good choice. There are RH hitters available. But we continue to send Blum up there. At the very least use Branyan, who has a better eye and 2x the power.