IGD: Padres @ Braves (10 May 07)

first pitch: 10:05 a.m. PT
television: none TBS
matchup: David Wells (1-1, 6.03 ERA) vs Tim Hudson (3-1, 1.70 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com

I Will Not Waste Scoring Opportunities

I’m supposed to talk everyone down from the ledge today. Hard to do when the team is playing like crap (with apologies to any crap that may be offended), but if we take a step back from the ledge, a larger picture emerges:

Padres After 34 Games, Playoff Seasons and 2007
Year W L RS RA
Stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
1984 18 16 152 153
1996 21 13 183 132
1998 23 11 178 134
2005 18 16 153 159
2006 18 16 141 139
2007 18 16 147 129

See? It’s not so bad. I mean, it is, but it isn’t; you know?

Now fire up some coffee and sit by the Internet; we’ve got a game to play. Go Padres!

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  1. Geoff. The ledge, oh lordy, the ledge. And I didn’t even WATCH this one.

  2. ‘Cause we’re all feeling crappy anyway (small sample sizes be damned!)…

    2007 Padres PH appearances (60 PAs):
    TB=13 OPS=543 (180/283/260)

    Jack Cust – Oakland A’s (18 PAs):
    TB=13 OPS=1256 (267/389/867)

  3. Re 150: didn’t know the NL had a DH ;)

  4. #140, Jokingly, Blum’s did. That’s why we love this game.

  5. Ok, Mother’s Day at the game. Been t Petco a few times, but thought I would ask the Ducksnorts crowd what are the best seats for a moderate price for a day game? Appreciate the hlp, thanks

  6. Keith Law in his chat today said Heath Bell is another creation of Petco (in response to Mets fan’s question). He made up for it by picking Peavy for thru May 10 Cy Young.

  7. 153 … Cust wasn’t DH’ing today … the A’s took the risk of playing him in RF, and moved him to LF during the game … one other point … he hit the HRs today off Royal’s pitchers whose ERA’s are > 10 … really!


  8. OT … tough news for Doc …

    Giants center fielder Dave Roberts has decided to have surgery on his troublesome left elbow, possibly keeping him out for four weeks. Roberts said he could get the elbow cleaned out as soon as Friday or perhaps Monday. He made the decision after being examined by Angels orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum on Thursday in Los Angeles. “The appointment went well,” Roberts said.

  9. Great line on Jack Cust from the Dodger blog truebluela: “Oakland DH Jack Cust, who all stat guys are required by law to like, is performing like a parody of himself thus far in the bigs. In 15 at bats, he has four hits, three home runs, four walks and six strikeouts, good for a .267/.421/1.067 line.”

  10. No love for Jake:

    Most recent edition of SI has a poll (of sportswriters I think) asking them to name their “Dream Rotation” out of the current pitchers. Not only is Jake not in the top 5, he didn’t even receive ONE vote.

    Tried to find online, couldn’t, but it’s in the most recent SI.

  11. Lot of good ones out there. Peavy prolly gets knocked for pitching in the NL West.