Spring Training IGD: Padres vs Rockies (10 Mar 07)

first pitch: 12:05 p.m., PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: Chris Young, Doug Brocail, Cla Meredith, Steve Watkins, Adrian Burnside vs Rodrigo Lopez, Oscar Rivera, Matt Herges, Eric DuBose, Darren Clarke

Hello? Is this thing on? Welcome to our first IGD of the spring. Someone say something, please. Don’t make me sit here and talk to myself…

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  1. It must be too early for all of your west coast readers, but it’s almost noon in Oklahoma.

    I’m looking forward to reading that book. Unfortunately, school is kicking my ass, and I probably won’t be able to start reading until the summer, but I’m picking up a couple of copies (one for my brother) as soon as it’s published.

    Keep up the good work Geoff!

  2. Hey great job and here in Houston I read it several times a day, just to make sure I dont miss anything.

    As for me, I would love to see more on the actual projected lineups, the pitchers, the final 25 man, etc. Lots of conversation on some of the ohter sites but most is emotional drivel. lol

    Friar John’s site sometimes has the ‘game notes’ and that is really interesting.

  3. Howdy, Geoff. Nice to have iGDs up and running again, and hey look, it’s Steve Finley.

  4. Hey, Stu. Yeah, I didn’t realize that both Finley and Herges are trying to become the first to play for all five NL West teams.

  5. Those caps are for spring training only, right?

  6. Another day, another homer for Sledge. Wow.

  7. Wow, I was just thinking that Sledge might go deep again. I’d say he wants that LF job.

  8. Good afternoon, guys! Just have time to catch our starters play and doing some posting. The SledgeHammer Cometh!

  9. Wow. Nice bloop by Adrian!

  10. Did the Rox even show up today? This is ugly.

  11. CY showing the nice slider again. Like to see more of that this year.