Looking Forward, Johnson Rumors

I hope you are having an excellent holiday season. I’m still recovering from bad science fiction movies, but other than that, all is well.

Two quick items on the table today. First, my latest article is up at Hardball Times. It’s a silly list of wishes for each of the 30 teams for the coming year. Very little Padres content.

The second item involves a nasty little rumor about Randy Johnson possibly coming to San Diego. The price is believed to be reliever Scott Linebrink.

Two thoughts:

  • The Padres already traded George Kottaras for David Wells. If they insist on sticking an ancient left-hander at the back of the rotation, why not work something out with the guy they already gave up something to get?
  • If the Padres weren’t willing to give Linebrink for Marcus Giles, a good young second baseman, then why would they be willing to do so for a 43-year-old pitcher coming off a 5.00 ERA season?

Apparently Johnson wants to be closer to his Arizona home. The Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants and Angels are thought to be other possible destinations for him. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with him ending up in any of those places, especially if it costs one of the NL West clubs a good young player or two.

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  1. No way we give up Kouz. We don’t have a 3B without him, aside from Branyan. Makes no sense.

    As for Linebrink for Johnson, I added up their VORP for the last four years: RJ: 141.9; LJ: 97.5; average: 35.5 vs 24.4. So, yes, an edge for Johnson, but not a huge one. I am guessing they will be about even in 2007. I would get Wells if we could (don’t have to give up anything).