Tuesday Open Thread

Despite Tim Stauffer’s return to San Diego and heroic performance Monday night against the first-place Dodgers, the muse just isn’t with me this morning and I’ll need you to pick up the slack.

So, what’s on your mind?

Elevated from the comments (thanks, Steve, for putting this together!):

Ducksnorts Fantasy Football

we NEED 2 more teams! please join, the draft is tomorrow.

I created a FFBL through NFL.com (I like their setup a little more than Yahoo) — it’s completely free; anyone is welcome to join.

http://www.nfl.com/fantasy and click on the “NFL Fantasy 2006″ link.

League Name = Ducksnort Nerds
Password = Padres

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  1. we NEED 2 more teams! please joint, the draft is tomorrow

    I created a FFBL through NFL.com (I like there set up a little more than Yahoo) it’s completley free anyone is welcome to join.

    http://www.nfl.com/fantasy and click on the “NFL Fantasy 2006″ link

    Leauge Name = Ducksnort Nerds
    Password = Padres

    If you have any problems please email me at Stephen_cook11@hotmail.com

  2. Also Walker looked really good at 3B last night, I hope the pads can keep him on board for 07 as a bench player (not sure if he willa ccept the role though).

  3. Well, I hope CHP is ok, bleeding tummy sounds serious like beyong baseball life serious. Lets hope for the best with that guy.

    Hitting, we are finally hitting the ball a little bit. Our pitchers have gone out there night after night , mading it to the 6th inning with no run support. Finally, the offense is coming out of its post ASB hibernation. Lets hope Peavy gets some support tonight.

    Can’t say enough about Cly M. Doing a great job.

    You see, even I got nothing, I still blab away. Its a gift I guess.

  4. First of all I was amped that Stauffer did so well last night. I honestly would have thought they would bring Brazelton up before Tim but I guess it worked out didn’t it? Like I’ve said before I consider this season a wash because even if we make the playoffs I doubt we would go anywhere with this team but right now all I want to do is SHUT L.A. FANS THE F— UP!!! I freaking hate L.A. and if we can come back and take 1st place… man oh man I would seriously be the happiest guy in town (even if we got swept out of the playoffs). The Dodgers gave up way too much at the deadline IMO and I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass hard!

    It was nice to see the guys work some walks (even though that doesn’t look too tough to do off of Billingsly) and mix in some 2 out hits. Hopefully we can keep it going tonight and get Jake a win!

    Also Steve I joined the FFBL and I got an email saying it was going to be disbanded if we don’t get 2 more participants. Anyone else interested.

    Just had this to add about something people were talking about last night. I saw this a few weeks ago before he was traded. It looks like everyone went from one wrong pronunciation to another.


    Just call him Wilson

    With ESPN televising Sunday night’s game, the debate about how to pronounce Betemit’s name continued.

    ESPN’s Jon Miller is technically correct, although Betemit said he has one pronunciation for baseball in the United States and another for away from the game in his native the Dominican Republic.

    “Since I came here, it has always been one way,” the Braves infielder said. “So that is OK. I don’t care. It is too late to change. It is my baseball name.’

    But Betemit in the Dominican Republic is pronounced “Bay-ta-me” and not “Bet-a-mit.”

    “The ‘t’ is silent,” he said.

  5. KRS1 did you ever join the leauge?

  6. Yeah last night.

  7. cool, 2 more thats all we need!

  8. Draft is tomorrow? Holy crap.

    Big win last night. Huge performance by Timmy. Hopefully, the guy can stick around for a while. It’d be nice to see him do well.

  9. Yeah it’d be nice to see another #1 draft pick do something!

  10. Yeah Nick better sign up now!

    I hope I can make the draft I may have to prep for a meeting :(

  11. Some info on sign and follow prospect Aaron Breit. Looks like a keeper.

    So far in Eugene this year:
    50.2 INN, 46 H, 20 BB, 54 K, 3.20 ERA

    I think he’s 20.

  12. David Freese 2-3 last night w/ 2B and 3B. Also walked for low-A Fort Wayne.

  13. Did anyone see the slow motion replay of Robert’s stolen base in the 5th. He was chewing gum and he blew a bubble right before he slide head first into second. Walker then drove in Roberts and tied the game. Robert aggresive play creates so many runs for the Padres.

  14. I signed up last week. I just have to prepare now.

  15. I just joined. this will be the league I take seriously this year.

  16. Observations from last night…sitting right behind homeplate…3 rows from the radar gun.

    Funny how the scoreboard showed Hoffy hitting 87-89mph on his fastballs when the radar gun was showing 82-84mph. Even funnier that his Change-Up’s were registering at 74-76mph, but the board was showing 72-74mph.

    Sometimes I wonder how certain major league pitchers get anyone out. So many balls look eminently hittable. But then there are guys like Cla who throw nothing straight and how anyone hits them is a mystery.

    Elmer Dessens threw his warm-ups in the 7th, but left before he even threw a pitch in the inning. If he gets hurt, that is way bad for the Dodgers.

    Mike Cameron looks like a wide receiver. He is HUGE and runs like the wind. On his triple, the cutoff man had the ball as Mike was rounding second…he should not have made it, but without hesitation he went and it was not even that close. He would be the perfect player if he cut his K rate down.

    I am glad that Brian Giles’ brain fart in the 4th did not cost us the game…that could have been a game losing moment.

    Who is the demon that has possesed Mike Piazza? He can’t hit right now, but has thrown two batters out in two days…and they were lasers…sure, it was only the catcher Russell “I have two first names” Martin, but it was not even close.

    Jeff Kent is a punk. Did you see him walking…no slowly sauntering back to second in the 7th inning. It was like he was smelling the roses or pondering the meaning of life. Embree just glared at him. If Kent gets plunked this series, don’t think for one moment that it was on accident.

    Dodger Blue is ugly. Nomar needs to take medication for OCD. Bruce Bochy manages better with a mustache. Tony Gwynn does not look healthy. Kevin Towers smiled ear to ear on the two plays that Walker made at third. Tim Stauffer might give Barfield and AGon a run for their money in the eyebrow contest.

  17. I’m sick of the dodgers. Whenever I hear anyone talk NL West, it’s all about the Dodgers . . . . nomar, furcal, lofton, penney, etc.

    I agree with CM. No matter how good Kent is, he’s nuthin’ but a little punk. Just like Roger Clemens.

    Hope Embree gets the chance to nail him with one of his 94 mph fastballs.

  18. Questions/Comments:
    * Embree was disappointing last night – two consectutive hits on 0-2 pitches.
    * What’s with Cla Meridith? Bochy seems to like having him pitch 1/3 of an inning, then lifting him for a PH.
    * Nice to see Scotty throwing well again.
    * That’s 12 consecutive scoreless innings from the bullpen.
    * Pads scored last night in the 4th/5th/6th/7th innings. Single run each time.
    * What was Giles thinking when he tried to steal 3rd? (With a lefty at the plate). He was out by 6 feet! Killed the inning dead.

  19. Revisiting the Bonds v Kent brawl a few years back…talk about the ultimate “who do you root for” fight! Sort of wishing both had hit each other at the exact same moment ala Rocky & Apollo at the end of Rocky III

  20. One more team needed for Ducksnorts FFBL!

  21. I’d sign up but can’t do it at work. If you need more when I get home, I’ll do it.

    C-Mike, nice work. Agree, bochy should return to the stash look.

    You saying TG is too fat or pale of what?

    Yes, we got some eyebrows on this team.

  22. FriarFan (and others) if you’re not already checking out my ‘blog. Please start doing so. Geoff’s site is still the best site for interacting w/ eachothere in these comments, but I cover the minors pretty closely and bring up some MLB topics as well…


  23. I have a new idea for 3B…

    George Kottaras

    3B is a frequent destination for a converted catcher who has a good bat that a team wants on the field (Todd Zeile).

    I think this makes a lot of sense, especially when we look at Kottaras’ skill set:

    He has a cannon arm.
    He has poor footwork & transfer.
    He has average pop & throw times to 2B.
    The Padres brass talk about needing him to continue to work on receiving skills but praise him for his progress.
    He has phenomenal on-base skills for catcher.
    He strike out a bit much (and is increasing his totals as he advances).
    His power is increasing (27 2B & 10 HR over 2 levels).
    His BA is fairly constant around the .260-.280 range (lower now that he was promoted to AAA).


    What does everyone else think?

  24. Ok..I’m in the fantasy football league… I probably won’t be at the draft…but I’m in with you guys..

  25. re:23…it’s not the worst idea ever. A lot of guys have done well moving from the catcher position.

  26. PM…I love the guy. Have a shrine of him in my office…but he has to be roll’n three and 1/2 bills. Not Healthy…

    And this is coming from a guy who weighs 1/8 of a ton…Big difference is that I am 6’5 and Tony is generously listed at 5’11.

  27. Peter, I’m with you on entertaining the idea of moving Kottaras to third, at least to fill an organization need. Plus I would like to see such creative thinking from the front office. But my one concern would be to Kottaras’ value, which is largely tied to his perception of a great hitting catcher. If we were to move him out from behind the plate, doesn’t he then just become an above average bat, a la Paul McAnulty? If such a scenario plays out, we don’t have a top-notch prospect to market to anyone.

  28. Anyone see a Chan Ho update today? Towers said in the UT that we’d know more today…

  29. I think Bruce has a great point about Kottaras and I’m telling you if we want a young 3rd baseman we need to start talking to Tampa Bay. Evan Longoria is a STUD and he’s blocked by B.J. Upton and Joel Guzman!

  30. Looks like Park is headed for the DL again.

    Wonder who gets the call. Cassidy, until we need another starter?

  31. 1/8 of a ton….hmmmm English major, smell the smoke…ding! Yes CM, that airn’t too bad. I saw TG the other and agree, is getting tent-sized. He’s got to get on the bike or something. Not good for the heart.

  32. KRS1, yes, Longoria is now a part of the discussion, but I think he’s part of the discussion only indirectly because he makes Upton expendable… Don’t get me wrong I’d LOVE to get Longoria I just don’t think they’d trade him. Plus, right now his trade value is WAY up there (not to mention TB can’t trade him until he’s been under contract for a full year) where-as Upton is struggling and would (or should – we are talking about Tampa Bay here) have a lower asking price.

  33. Guzman could be a trade candidate. He’s the one who’s blocked, he’s not doing the blocking.

  34. Honestly Peter I would be interested in any one of those 3 guys. I forgot about Longoria needing a year. In that case I would LOVE to see Guzman!

  35. Clayton, that was Rocky II. I still maintain that IV is the best.

    …um, go Peavy.

  36. I’m sure Tampa Bay would love a young hitting catcher!

  37. Don’t forget, they just got Dioner… [I forget his last name - the Dodgers cathing prospect who was passed by Martin]. They’d probably be more interested in pitching, TB is LOADED right now… I don’t know what they’d want? They might actually be most excited by a prospect who is a ways away…

  38. I like the Kotarris Idea, its always nice to have a 3rd guy who can play catcher if needed on the club. Can he make the switch defensively? Or will moving him only retard his development at catcher? Has he ever played IF past pony league?

    I really think the pads need to make a deal for either of the white sox 3B in the off season.

  39. I think you’re talking about Dioner Navarro and I thought the Dodgers got rid of him because he couldn’t hit and his arm was weak. Maybe not but I thought that was the book on him. Well whatever but you’re right they are going to be loaded if they can get some pitching!

  40. That start by Stauffer last night may have raised his stock a little, from the plummet it took this year.

  41. what pitching do the padres have to give? wells has struggled in AAA Carillo has been hurt.

  42. That’s the think KRS1, they already have pitching…

    Scott Kazmir
    Jeff Niemann
    Jason Hammel
    Wade Davis

    They don’t have as much as the Dodgers (who probably have more pitching than ANYONE), but those are 4 pretty good starters. Niemann and Hammel should join Kazmir in the rotation next year…

  43. Steve, Kottaras hasn’t played 3B yet (as far as I know) but Walker’s initial struggles and subsequent lack thereof demonstrate that if a player (ok, if an athletic player) wanted to learn the position he probably could. I’ve always felt that since the catching position required cat-like reflexes to block the ball, moving to the hot-corner was a natural one if a player needed to move.

  44. I grew up a Reds fan with my favorite players being Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, and Joe Morgan. They were the role models upon which I developed my baseball skills and playing style. I became a catcher because Bench was my favorite player and because catcher is involved in every play and I thought, and still think, catcher is the most fun position to play. I learned to play multiple positions and went hard on every play like Rose. Finally, I patterned by hitting stance after Morgan (without the arm flapping, though). I remember Johnny Bench playing some 3rd base towards the end, which probably prolonged his career.

    Bottom line, I think all catchers should know how to field at least one other position, with 3rd being about the most practical choice.

  45. Thats true peter. My other concern is that Kottaris would have to still play 07 in AAA to get ready for the majors, forcing the padres in another rent a vet at 3B situation.

  46. Kottaras

  47. Good stuff on Pujols although I was hoping for more explanation of how he compared to Ruth.


  48. I think Kottaras needs more time in AAA regardless, as well as Walker is doing lately, couldn’t we consider that again? I know I opened the Kottaras to 3B discussion, but I think the bigger discussion is how do we improve a team that seriously needs hitting help, when 1B, 2B, SS, CF, & RF are already locked up?

    Personally, I’m not convinced Greene is the long-term answer there. But we’d have to acquire someone via trade or FA to solve that.

    Catcher has been productive for us, do we re-sign Doc Roberts? Get an impact power-hitter for LF? Or what?

  49. The problem with trying to upgrade the offense by trading Greene is that there just aren’t that many shortstops who are better than him offensively. I’d like to see a more capable backup so we can get him some time off. He’s broken down at the end of every year in his career, he might just need more time off. I still say he’d be great at third, then sign or trade for a super glove at short. The less demanding position might keep him healthier and let him focus on his offense.

  50. Sorry, couldn’t post this yesterday, but re:#35 (Kiel) – no, I am thinking of Rocky III –> the final scene where Rocky finds out about the “favor” Apollo wanted in return for training them. They’re in the gym alone and set to fight again, and their first punches hit each other at the same time. Man, I need to get a life.