Nine Signs You Think About the San Diego Padres Too Much

In the interest of trying to preserve our collective sanity while the Padres continue to play sloppy baseball and slip in the standings, and because one of my favorite bloggers is sponsoring a cool contest, I present the following list. To my regulars, I hope this helps. To those of you visiting from Darren’s blog, thanks for stopping by and make yourselves at home; rest assured we’re not always this silly — sometimes we’re much worse. ;-)

To the list:

  1. Despite a profound lack of evidence, you insist that SR-125 was named to honor the number of walks Gene Tenace drew in 1977.
  2. When someone tells you they’re going to see a show, you say, “Oh, you mean a ‘Show‘?”
  3. You have bad memories of Tino Martinez, but even worse ones of Richie Garcia.
  4. Your kid’s middle name is Eichelberger.
  5. Her first name is Enzo.
  6. You never boo opposing players; you just call them Ruben.
  7. You know which name follows in this sequence: Kory DeHaan, Donaldo Mendez, Shane Victorino, _______________.
  8. In times of crisis you ask yourself, “What would Brian Buchanan do?”
  9. When you hear “Hell’s Bells,” you think, “Man, that Trevor Hoffman is good — I wonder if he does any other songs?”

There it is. I don’t know about you, but I feel better.

On another note, if you’re planning to join us for the game at Petco Park this coming Sunday and you haven’t already let me know, please be sure to do so by 5 p.m. PT today. I’ll be buying tickets tonight.