Hez Dispenser

With 30 home dates remaining on the schedule, three more home runs need to be hit to surpass last season’s total at Petco Park. With that in mind, I’ve added a “Launching Pad” tracker to the sidebar. If only we could do something about the fact that 57% of homers at Petco have been hit by the opposition since it opened. ;-)

On the bright side, Adrian “Hez” Gonzalez is en fuego. Two more bombs in Monday night’s snatch ‘em back win over the Phillies — one to left, one to right.

Bar bet winner: Gonzalez is the only player ever to have multiple multi-homer games at Petco Park.

Bar bet winner #2: Gonzalez has as many home runs (18) through July 17 as last year’s season leader for the Padres (Ryan Klesko).

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  1. here are some interesting stats
    Teixeria: (in a hitters park with a good line up around him)
    .274 Ave
    12 HR
    54 RBI
    1 SB

    A Gon (lefty in Petco Park with an average lineup around him)
    .281 Ave
    18 HR
    48 RBI
    0 SB

    Loretta (hitting behind Kevin Youkilis who has a .395 OBP and in front of two of the best hitters in the game today)34 years old
    .301 Ave
    3 HR
    37 RBI
    3 SB

    Barfield (Hitting behind Castilla who has a .260 OBP and in fron of the pitcher spot) 23 years old
    .303 Ave
    5 HR
    28 RBI
    14 SB

  2. Also
    Chris Young
    8-4 3.59 ERA

    Chan Ho Park
    6-5 4.49 ERA

    Adam Eaton
    0-0 0.00ERA

    I would give KT and Alderson a big pat on the back