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With 30 home dates remaining on the schedule, three more home runs need to be hit to surpass last season’s total at Petco Park. With that in mind, I’ve added a “Launching Pad” tracker to the sidebar. If only we could do something about the fact that 57% of homers at Petco have been hit by the opposition since it opened. ;-)

On the bright side, Adrian “Hez” Gonzalez is en fuego. Two more bombs in Monday night’s snatch ‘em back win over the Phillies — one to left, one to right.

Bar bet winner: Gonzalez is the only player ever to have multiple multi-homer games at Petco Park.

Bar bet winner #2: Gonzalez has as many home runs (18) through July 17 as last year’s season leader for the Padres (Ryan Klesko).

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  1. here are some interesting stats
    Teixeria: (in a hitters park with a good line up around him)
    .274 Ave
    12 HR
    54 RBI
    1 SB

    A Gon (lefty in Petco Park with an average lineup around him)
    .281 Ave
    18 HR
    48 RBI
    0 SB

    Loretta (hitting behind Kevin Youkilis who has a .395 OBP and in front of two of the best hitters in the game today)34 years old
    .301 Ave
    3 HR
    37 RBI
    3 SB

    Barfield (Hitting behind Castilla who has a .260 OBP and in fron of the pitcher spot) 23 years old
    .303 Ave
    5 HR
    28 RBI
    14 SB

  2. Also
    Chris Young
    8-4 3.59 ERA

    Chan Ho Park
    6-5 4.49 ERA

    Adam Eaton
    0-0 0.00ERA

    I would give KT and Alderson a big pat on the back

  3. And Sorry GY but…

    .263 Ave, 11 HR, 36 RBI, 14 SB Gold Glove D

    .260 Ave, 12 HR, 34 RBI 2 SB, Ave D

  4. Man, I must be cranky lately, because I completely gave up on that game at 3-6 after watching EY bounce to SS with bases juiced for the third out. Clearly, Merv has had an impact of AG. Wish Giles would get going. Any good trade rumors out there?

  5. I guess the Tigers have intrest in Klesko.


    This article really pissed me off, it kind of shows how clueless boch can be (EY vs Roberts and why Barfield is in the 8 hole).

  6. BTW, guys, with all due respect to commentors, calling AG Hez after Hezbollah is probably not right. Its a serious situation in the ME that requires our serious attention. Imagine TJ and SD exchanging rockets and killing ordinary citizens. I’m sure we wouldn’t be talking baseball.

  7. PM: You may have a point about “Hez.” It was meant in jest, but if it’s not funny, we should drop it. What do others think?

  8. Re: the link that Steve posted – here’s the line that annoys me:
    ” Before Eduardo Perez was traded to the Mariners this month, the Padres expressed interest in Perez, a reserve who bats right-handed and plays first base and left field.”

    The Pads already have that guy – Jon Knott. He’s the hottest hitter in the PCL over the last 6 weeks, leading the league in HRs and RBIs. Why not give a guy like that a shot rather than give up something for a known retread?

    Also – who’s leading the Josh Barfield for Rookie of the Year bandwagon? Who’s his top competition, Dan Uggla? I’ll take the kid who’s playing the keystone for a division winner over the other guy :)

  9. Regarding the Nady/Cameron comparison – the word here in NY is that Nady’s D sucks. They bitch about it on the local sports radio shows and in the newspaper constantly. Some are even calling for him to lose more playing time to Endy Chavez of all people. Even the more casual Met fan seems to think Nady doesn’t belong in RF, I’ve heard that said a lot too. Not saying that I agree, just what is being said.

    Word is KT is talking to Minnesota, Cleveland and the White Sox. He spoke with the Royals about Teahen but the KC GM said that Teahen was their best player so no. Not sure what Minnesota has to offer unless maybe KT is looking at Lew Ford. I mean, we desparately need a 4th OF, and EY is not it. Not sure Ford is that much better.

  10. Also, I agree with Jonathan – Barfield has gotten zero Rookie of the Year consideration. I’ve even seen Hensley’s name brought up (in Sports Weekly). Not that I don’t like Clay, but he has been fairly mediocre so far.

    Hopefully if the Padres stay in it and Barfield stays around .300 he’ll start to turn some heads.

  11. I think Zimmerman will take ROY, or Ugla, (East Coast bias).

    I mentioned that Nady had Ave D because NY fans always over react to every little thing that goes wrong. Unless he wins a gold glove he’s a horrible fielder in NY.

  12. Steve: No need to apologize about Nady. I just wanted to see the guy get a shot, which is what has happened. Injuries have caused him problems this year, but that has been a recurring theme throughout his professional career, so maybe this is as good as it gets for him — or maybe he blooms a little later, a la Phil Nevin. As for Cameron, I have no problems whatsoever with seeing him out in center every day. :-)

  13. Not really sure why Clay would be mentioned, as he had enough appearances last year to constitute his rookie season (and so did A-Go).

    Anyone have any idea why EY wasn’t pinch hit for against Rick White last night? Isn’t Boch one of those “I am gonna give my best guys chances to succeed” guys? To me, it looks like DR didn’t his there because Boch was afraid they’d bring in the lefty. I dunno, EY is more useless than Vinny.

    If Mark Teahen is KC’s best player, why is he hitting 7th? He may be a top prospect, but dude’s Minor League stats aren’t really that impressive above AA. He obviously was rushed to the bigs too quickly. I bet KT lands a David Bell type and we’ll have stop gags at 3B until one of Freese, Antonelli, or Headley appear.

    By the way, I know everyone is saying how DR is just fine hitting lefties, but lets remember that you tend to look better when you never hit against the toughest guys. Boch has consistently sat DR against the toughest lefties all year.

  14. Wow, I feel the need to vent…

    Steve, I LOVE A-Gon, but don’t compare him to Teixeira…

    Teixeira’s career numbers are .281/.361/.527 – his career-low HR total is 26… He’s only 2 years older than Gonzales. He has SUCH a track record for starting slow, that while this start was slower than norm, I still expect him to bounce back and have a monster 2nd half. But you’re right about the Barfield/Loretta comparo – plus, Barfield’s younger (improving) and cheaper (allows us to spend elsewhere).



    Lew Ford is better than EY, but it’s unlikely Minnesota would trade him right now w/ all their OF’ers on the DL.



    Giles is going… He’s just not slugging like he used to. Unfortunately, he probably never will again. He’s an on-base MACHINE though who wears down opposing pitchers. You want to know WHY we’ve had all these late-inning combacks this year? Because we’re working the starters so well, so consistently, that they’re out of the game in the 5th-6th innings and we get to beat up on other teams’ bullpens.

  15. Peter

    I know that you can’t compaier Teixeira career to A-Gon career but I think it is fair to compair thier seasons because they have had similar playing time.

    I have a feeling that EY is gone after Johnson gets off the DL, The pads will designate him for assignment to bring up Thompson for C.Y’s next start and then take Johnson off the DL when they send Thompson back down. I think the only reason why they kept him past the allstar break is to see if they can attach him onto a deal so that he can still get a shot somewhere.

  16. Peter…right on re: Texiera. I think everyone agrees Gonzalez was going to be traded. Even if he hit 30 homers in Oklahoma City in the first half, Texiera would still be Texas’ 1B.

    I’m gonna throw a different name out there for Wed’s start in Chris Young’s spot…Sean Thompson. He is having a career defining season in Mobile (ignore the W-L, he’s been especially outstanding over his last 8-12 starts). I mean, Vanilla Mike is great and all, but…Sean Thompson could be something special.

    GY…”Hez” (not your idea, I know) – kinda poor taste, and way beneath the classy stuff I’m used to reading here.

  17. Heh, I certainly didn’t expect anyone to run with “Hez”. That’s what comes out when you spend the whole day watching and reading about the war and then AG hits that rocket to right field. I’m sure we can come up with something better for the guy.

    I like the team we have now, assuming no one else makes a move. I’ve seen a lot of rumors about the DBacks, Giants and Dodgers though, and the division is so close I think we’ll need to make a move to keep pace. There’s been a lot of talk about moving Linebrink, although everything I’ve heard from the Padres is that they’re reluctant to move him. However, Alderson did mention the need to lay the groundwork for trading a popular player so maybe there’s something to the rumors. Linebrink for Ensberg maybe?

  18. I think Linebrink for Ensberg is kind of steep, Ensberg is not even Houstons starter at 3B. I would Imagine they could get Ensberg for Sikorski and Cassidy.

  19. Look at what the reds gave up for relief pitching.

  20. Little fantasy BB bisiness. OLD Man Rivers, whoever you are, I accept your trade if its still on the table. I can not access yahoo FBB at work and aways forget at home. If I remember tonight, I’ll accept the deal. Now back your your regularly schedule baseball talk….

  21. Thanks, Jesse. Appreciate the feedback. I don’t have a problem with the nickname (I’m also just about the least politically inclined person I know and tend to be on the clueless side about such things) but I definitely see where it could cause offense, so I’ll not use it again. As Anthony notes, Gonzalez deserves a better moniker anyway. Suggestions? Mark Grant came up with A-Go, but I’m not real crazy about that.

    On another note, Linebrink for Ensberg seems a bit steep for my taste — at least until we know that Ensberg is healthy. I’m not sure how eager the Braves will be to deal Wilson Betemit now that they’re playing good ball and back in the wild card hunt. Billy Hall from Milwaukee is an intriguing option, but the name I’m hearing for him is George Kottaras. That’s real borderline, IMHO.

  22. FYI – Hensley was under 50 IP last season (just barely with 47.2 IP), so he still qualifies as a rookie.

    If the Padres could get Ensberg for Sikorski and Cassidy, I would be pretty happy. However, it also depends on how healthy Morgan’s shoulder is. I think we may have to throw one more player in on both sides to make the deal happen though. Maybe they’d like see Vinny back in an Astros uni. ;)

  23. Can Giles play 3B, the braves are talking about moving him now to make room for Betemit, Giles is having a down year maybe the pads could get him for an Adkins or other non linebrink pitcher.

  24. Peter – re: Ford, I just realized everyone was on the DL in Min. Not sure who KT would be talking about there then…perhaps Rincon?

    Personally I’d rather see Mike Thompson than Sean. Especially considering that he’s been up earlier in the year and wasn’t horrible. Both Sean and Mike pitched last on 7/14, so either should be available on normal rest and schedule on 7/19. You have to wonder if Carrillo hadn’t gone down if this would have been his start.

    Supposedly someone at Madfriars said that Ensberg could be had for Cassidy and a mid-level prospect. Although I didn’t hear good things about Ensberg’s injury prognosis – it sounds like he may be out until August now.

  25. Hey if the pads can get Ensburg for Cassidy and Sikorski id be willing to take that risk, worse case he does not play this year and is the starting 3B nest year, I think the pads have given up on Cassidy and Sikorski is a 5th-6th inning guy.

  26. Sikorski was sent down last night. His contract was such that the Pads now have 10 days to either trade him or make him a free agent (waive his rights). Not really much impetus for Houston or anyone else to give up something for him if he’s going to be free to the highest bidder in 10 days. Ensburg’s MRI was negative, and he is just resting it to give it time to heal. It is pretty much the exact same injury he had in ’04 and the Houston papers are speculating that he will not be moved. Huff is viewed as an outfielder when Ensburg is activated at the end of April (btw masticore, he was just placed on the DL on the 13th, so he isn’t even eligible to come off the DL until the 28th)

  27. Steve I totally agree. Even if Ensberg doesn’t get it together to play this season I would still be willing to take the risk for next year.

    I think that I would still prefer a younger prospect though and I would be opposed to a minor leegue guy either. Whatever we get I can’t see it being worse (offensively) then Vinny.

    On a side note… I played baseball and went to elementry school with Adrian Gonzalez when I was little and until about 5th or 6th grade I was always better then him. Oh how the tables have turned… My baseball career peaked before middle school and now this guy is launching homers left and right for the Padres. Every time I think about it I want to go throw up! But seriously A-GONE is awesome and KT deserves a lot of credit for that trade.

    See you at the game tonight!!!

  28. Where do you guys go for trade rumors? CNNSI seems ok, and ESPN is behind a subsciption wall.

  29. I pretty much check http://www.prosportsdaily.com and they just take every newspaper article for the day. http://www.benmaller.com is a decent site to go to also but it’s mostly the same stuff.

  30. PM, Pro Sports Daily automatically compiles rumors from different news sources around the country. I don’t know if the Ducksnorts filter will let me post the URL, the web site is prosportsdaily dot com.

    I recently found another one, mlbtraderumors dot com, that doesn’t seem as dependent on newspapers.

  31. Sikorski has been traded to Cleveland for RHP Mike Adams.

  32. I also turned off the game when Bochy let Young bat against a right handed pitcher last night. I’m not exactly sure why Young is playing — much less against righties (he’s hitting 153/250/186 against RHP). He’s certainly not in there for his defense (misplaying a double into a triple last night). Bochy sure can handle a pitching staff but I don’t think he knows what he is doing with batters and especially young players.

    Before we get too excited about Gonzalez and Barfield I would like them to get there walks up a little bit. 18 walks for each with AG having 60 K’s and Josh at 52 K’s. I don’t think that for the Padres to be successful for the rest of the season they need to address their infield OBP issues (320/342/327/260).

  33. Thanks KRS1 and TW.

  34. Mike Adams, wow… (cue tape) “I’m sorry, who?”

    Jesse, I was about to say that w/ today’s lack of solid middle relievers, we can’t be sure that having that 10-day forced trade window we won’t be able to deal him (I just thought we could get more for him).


    Barfied has NEVER been high-walk-rate guy yet he’s excelled in every level of the minors (except AA where he was injured)… Gonzo on the other hand WAS a high-walk-rate guy in the minors (if I remember correctly) so his lack of walks might be a bigger issue – though with the way he’s hitting, I’m not complaining.

  35. Peter, Agon was never a real walkable minor leaguer. More than this, but around 40-45 walks per full season of at-bats above A ball. He has a nice approach, though, he’s not Francouering his way into HR totals.

    I expect their walk rates to improve as they get experienced (Have you ever been experienced?). It’s one reason I’m not upset about Barfield batting 8th, it may force him to be more selective.