In-Game Discussion: Padres @ Cardinals (8 May 2005)

first pitch: 11:15 a.m., PT
television: Channel 4
matchup: Tim Redding (0-4, 6.00 ERA) vs Jason Marquis (4-1, 2.85 ERA)
game previews: ESPN | CBS SportsLine | SI

Padres look to complete a most unlikely four-game sweep at Busch Stadium. Seems highly improbable, but then, so did a win behind Darrell May. Can Redding put together another good start and stave off the shadow of Tim Stauffer?

                               AB   BA  OBP  SLG
Redding vs current Cardinals  113 .345 .393 .540
Marquis vs current Padres      38 .316 .438 .526

Albert Pujols (.435/.458/.739 in 23 AB) and Scott Rolen (.304/.429/.565 in 23 AB) have had the most success against Redding. Reggie Sanders (.455/.455/1.000 in 11 AB) also has done quite well in limited action. The one guy Redding has handled pretty well is Jim Edmonds (.267/.353/.267 in 15 AB). Man, that Cardinals lineup is ridiculous.

For the Pads, the only guy who’s had many trips to the plate against Marquis is Geoff Blum (.364/.417/.818 in 11 AB), and he’s hurt. What else is going on for the Friars? As Jay noted in yesterday’s comments, Xavier Nady is rotting on the bench. He has just two at-bats over the past seven games (although three walks and a HBP give him six plate appearances). To put that in perspective, Adam Eaton has the same number of plate appearances during that stretch. FREE XAVIER NADY!

Moving along, here’s an interesting split for you:

Inning 7+
            AB   BA  OBP  SLG  R HR
Padres     373 .263 .364 .418 59 12
Opponents  357 .204 .293 .317 32  6

By comparison, here’s how things look in innings 1-6:

            AB   BA  OBP  SLG   R HR
Padres     700 .244 .319 .389  82 20
Opponents  730 .277 .335 .451 102 23

Pads own the late innings so far. That’s a pretty sick run differential. Also, check out the ISOs:

            1-6   7+
Padres     .145 .155
Opponents  .174 .113

Obviously it’d be nice to see a little less disparity in the early innings, but it’s nice to see the club finishing games strong. Finally, here are a couple of guys who are going for the downs late in the game:

             AB  BA  OBP  SLG HR
Nady 1-6    41 .293 .370 .415  1
Nady 7+     30 .200 .351 .600  3
Klesko 1-6  67 .269 .364 .433  2
Klesko 7+   35 .200 .349 .600  3

Totally different approaches. Between them, Nady and Ryan Klesko have exactly two singles from the seventh on.

I’m headed up to Elsinore this afternoon to see Khalil Greene‘s final rehab game. Also, Sean Thompson (BA #8) is starting today. I’ll try to jump in on the convo a little before I take off, but if not, talk to your heart’s content. Go Pads!

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  1. Those are interesting splits.

  2. Burroughs is a late scratch due to a bad hammy. X gets the start at third.

    Looks like a pretty generous strike zone so far.

  3. Three batters, three hits, one run. Could be a real short day for Redding.

  4. Wild pitch. 2-0 Cardinals. He has nothing.

  5. They hung that on Ramon. Not a wild pitch.

  6. Grant said Redding has no life on his fast ball.

  7. That should have been a double play. Redding needs all the help he can get…

  8. I’m gonna go back to watching the SuperCross.

  9. I thought Greene was rejoining the Padres today.

  10. Anyone else looking forward to Tim Stauffer’s arrival tomorrow?

  11. Greene was supposed to come back Monday, I thought.

  12. Walks Marquis with the bases loaded, 4-0. Eckstein singles in two more, 6-0. It could be 8-0 right now. Sanders missed hitting one out by less than a foot. Nice grab by Roberts.

    Redding is hurt. This is not good. Randy Williams enters with two out in the first to take one for the team.

    Time to mow the lawn…

  13. It’s amazing to me that Redding is still in the game…

  14. So, he’s out now? Good.

  15. 11-0. Still the first. Scary thing is, it could easily be 14-0. Sanders and Rolen both just missed hitting balls out of the park.

  16. They better sweep Cincy…

  17. Can we get Valdez back?

  18. Kevin: ROTFL. Very nice.

  19. Matt Bush drew a walk yesterday!

  20. Ismael is still on the DL. You shouldn’t have let him go. He was bigger and more confortable on Petco. He’s not a Marlin. He’s a California dude.

  21. I’m feeling pretty smug after taking a look at the Padres’ box now … can’t resist an “I told you so” … that there was good reason for ALL OF US to have wanted Redding tar’d & feather’d … until his previous start induced group amnesia!!! C’mon … remember the zebra/stripes thing … WE STILL NEED A #5 starter!

    HR’s by Hyzdu & Knott tonight …

  22. The splits have to do with talent. We have a good pen, most other teams do not. It also shows exactly why it’s so important to make the opposing pitcher work early. When we can force the opossing starter out of the game by the 6th inning, we’ll have much more success later.

    Good work, Geoff!

  23. LynchMob, perhaps you should follow the game, postgame show or look for additional information before you pick on an obviously injured pitcher. You missed Redding having no control, reaching only 86 mph, and bending over holding his shoulder at the end. He may not be a good pitcher, but you could have a little more class and not kick a guy when he is injured.

  24. I don’t think it’s fair to get on Lynch about what he said. It was hardly classless.

  25. Agreed about Lynch. We’ve all been frustrated by the #5 spot in the rotation for a while. I’m sure we all feel bad for Redding and hope he’s okay.

    On another note, one of the few positives from yesterday’s affair was the bullpen. After the first inning, I was convinced Jesse Garcia would pitch an inning or two.